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Chase Credit Cards


Chase provides commercial and consumer banking services – including Chase credit cards – under JPMorgan Chase Bank and offers thousands of branches throughout the United States. During the financial collapse in 2008, Chase took over much of the assets and deposits of Washington Mutual. Today, Chase is one of the ‘Big Four’ banks within the nation and has a revenue topping out near 99.99 billion dollars.

The history of Chase goes all the way back to 1799, as the earliest form of the bank was known as the Bank of the Manhattan Company. There are countless Chase credit cards to choose from, including those with cash back rewards, no annual fees, airline credit cards, business credit cards and cards designed with balance transfers in mind.

Types of Chase Credit Cards

There are Chase credit cards available for every need or interest – whether that means signing up for a card without an annual fee or applying for a card to get cash back rewards with everyday spending. Examples of cash back cards include:

• Chase Freedom Card
• Ink Cash Business Credit Card

Hotel and Airline Chase credit cards include:

• United MileagePlus Explorer Card
• Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards Premier Card
• British Airways Visa Signature Card
• Marriott Rewards Credit Card Marriott Rewards Credit Card

Chase credit cards accommodate businesses too, with selection such as:

• Ink Plus Business Credit Card
• Ink Bold Business Charge Card

Benefits of Chase Credit Cards

Countless benefits are offered with any number of the Chase credit cards including bonus points, airline miles, free checked bags, accommodation upgrades and competitive interest rates. Some of the standard features and benefits with Chase’s credit cards include online banking, fraud protection and introductory interest.

Some credit cards offer exclusive travel benefits, such as priority boarding or free checked bags – the annual fee might be increased with prestigious benefits, but it’s worth the consideration.

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

As there are many Chase credit cards, the percentage rates and annual fees vary. To keep it simple, Chase offers consumers a selection of cards based on no annual fees or 0% introductory rates. The Chase Slate offers a 0% introductory APR for the first 15 billing cycles, with a 12.99% to 22.99% increase once the period is over. In addition to the 0% introductory APR, the annual fee is $0.

Some Chase credit cards might be worth the annual fee – for example, the $395 annual fee for the United MileagePlus Club Card provides access to the United Club, free checked bags (two standard), exclusive treatment at airports (such as priority security screening or boarding where available) and no foreign transaction fees. There are plenty of Chase credit cards with nominal annual fees; however, it’s beneficial to see how paying such a fee can provide a better cardholding experience.

Many of the Chase credit cards are an ideal choice for consumers – they offer competitive rates and many don’t require an annual fee. Compare a few cards together to find the one that best suits spending habits or lifestyle needs – there is something for everyone.

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