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Citi AAdvantage American Express Card Review – Rewards Your Busy On-The-Go Lifestyle?


Are you looking for a credit card that rewards your busy on-the-go lifestyle? The Citi AAdvantage American Express Card gives you the prestige of an American Express card while providing the perks that will earn you free flights onboard American Airlines just by using your card on everyday purchases. The AAdvantage program gives its members top tier treatment before, during and after your flights on American Airlines.

Breakdown of the Citi AAdvantage American Express Card

Do you routinely fly on American Airlines? Perhaps your company requires you to book your own travel while they reimburse you after your work trip. If this applies to you, obtaining this Citi AAdvantage American Express Card will help you easily earn miles for going about your normal business. When you sign up for this offer, your AAdvantage account will be credited with 25,000 bonus miles after you spend $750 within 3 months of activating the card. This amount of miles equates into a domestic round trip flight of your choice on American Airlines. Not only do you get these terrific bonuses but your annual fee of $50 is waived for the first year and your purchase APR will vary between 13.99% and 21.99%. Your actual APR will be determined by your credit rating.

Top Reasons Consumers Choose the Citi AAdvantage American Express Card

No Preset Spending Limit – When you pay off your balance each month, you will enjoy a limitless credit line. This is perfect for travelers who book a lot of flights because they can take their reimbursement check and pay off their entire Citi AAdvantage American Express Card bill off each month. If you do not pay off your balance each month, a spending limit will be set on your account. It is important to note that this Citi AAdvantage American Express Card works in your favor if you pay off the monthly balance. You will also save on interest if you take this approach.

Accrue Double Points When You Book Flights Aboard American Airlines – When you book your flight at American Airlines with this Citi AAdvantage American Express Card, each dollar you spend will be returned back to you in the form of double points per dollar spent. When you use this rewards card at other retailers aside from American Airlines, you will receive 1 point per dollar spent.

No Blackout Dates – If you’ve viewed other airline rewards cards, you’ve probably noticed all of the fine print around blackout dates. When you use the AAdvantage program to book travel, you will be delighted to know that there are no blackout dates on awarded travel on American Airlines, American Eagle or the American Connection Carrier.

25% Discount on In-Flight PurchasesIf you have ever spent money while on a flight, you know that goods cost more in the air than they do while you are in the airport terminal. When you sign up for this offer, you will receive a 25% discount on all inflight purchases aboard American Airlines when you use the Citi AAdvantage American Express Card to charge your purchase.

Use Fewer Miles – With the Citi AAdvantage American Express Card, you will be able to use what is called Reduced Mileage Awards. This essentially gets you to your desired destination for fewer miles than what it would normally cost. Each month, members are offered Reduced Mileage Awards which they can redeem for free travel. Please note that a $35 fee may apply when you book your flight.

Travel Insurance Services – With the Citi AAdvantage American Express Card, you are automatically given travel insurance services just for being a cardholder. Citi has your trip covered in almost every aspect. Here is a list of the insurance services provided to you with this Citi card at no extra cost:

  • Automatic Travel Insurance
  • Auto Rental Insurance
  • Travel & Emergency Assistance
  • Retail Purchase Protection
  • Lost Luggage Insurance
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • Trip Interruption Insurance
  • Extended Warranty Protection

Citi, American Airlines and American Express: A Winning Combination

When you choose Citi as your card issuer, you get tons of rewards and benefits just for having the Citi logo on the front of the card. When you add in the fact that this is an American Airlines AAdvantage rewards card along with being an American Express, you begin to realize that this may be one of the best cards available for corporate travelers. Even if you aren’t the corporate type, you can use this card for your normal everyday purchases and earn free flights as a treat to yourself. When you become a Citi member, you also receive the following benefits by default.

Citi Price Rewind – One of the most frustrating things as a consumer is to purchase a product and find out that the product is on sale a few days later. If you have ever been in this position, it can make you resent the retailer. Citi has this all figured out. If you make a purchase on an item with a Citi AAdvantage American Express Card that is marked down after you purchase it, inform Citi and you could be eligible for a reimbursement of the difference. Citi price rewind is a complimentary service that is included with most Citi credit cards.

Purchase Protection on Retail Items – Did you know that Citi gives you purchase protection on items you buy? This basically means that if you buy a product with your Citi AAdvantage American Express Card and it is broken, damaged in a fire or stolen within 90 days of your purchase, Citi may reimburse you up to $1,000.

24/7 Account Access – Citi gives you peace of mind in the form of being able to monitor your account from the internet, over the phone or by using an app. Whenever you need help with your account, a friendly customer service representative is available to speak with you. You can even tweet a general question to Citi using Twitter. Just send a tweet to @AskCiti.

Citi produces some of the most prestigious and lucrative rewards cards available today. The power and prestige of holding an American Express card coupled with the AAdvantage rewards program makes this an attractive offer for anyone who may want to earn free flights. The Citi AAdvantage American Express Card is highly rated by consumer reviews and the annual APR is a reasonable rate when you consider the type of perks you will earn by using this card.

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