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Citi Gold AAdvantage World MasterCard Review – Simple benefits, complicated names?


Let’s start with getting some free stuff on CitiBank Citi Gold AAdvantage World MasterCard.  If you can get past this mile-long name and register for this card, then Citi Gold Advantage World MasterCard will waive your first 12 months’ annual fee of $50.

Then this card will encourage you to start spending some money. Once you have spent $750 through this card on various purchases within the first three months of your membership, CitiBank Citi Gold AAdvantage World MasterCard will express its happiness by giving you 25,000 American Airlines AAdvantage bonus miles. That, according to this card’s website, can get you a round trip domestic MileSAAver award. You’ll only have to shell out an extra amount of up to $10 for taxes and fees.  You can avail of this award trip on American Airlines, the American Connection carrier or on American Eagle.  Sounds good to me.

What else one can get by spending money using your Citi Gold AAdvantage World MasterCard?

On every $1 spent on purchase, you will get 1 AAdvantage mile. Once you use your CitiBank Citi Gold AAdvantage World MasterCard to buy a flight ticket, you get the added benefit of paying less for in-flight shopping. You can avail of 25% savings on eligible purchases whenever you use this card for in-flight buying spree.

Here are some other innovative benefits that come to the CitiBank Citi Gold AAdvantage World MasterCard members:

  • Card holder can avail of Personal Concierge Service. It is a 24×7, personalized service to help the card member with various chores; including flight booking, restaurant reservations, hotel room bookings or even buying gifts.
  • There is no pre- set spending limit. That does not mean Citi Gold AAdvantage World MasterCard cardholders get unlimited credit from the start. It’s just that the card holder will need to pay in full any extra charge over the card’s revolving limit and then, each such charge will be examined as per the performance and usage of that particular account. A good credit history might see an increase in the acrd holder’s limit.
  • Card holders do not have to worry about any blackout dates and can redeem their award travel on any day on select carriers ( American Airlines, The American Connectio Carrier and American Eagle).

Apart from these, the CitiBank Citi Gold AAdvantage World MasterCard has many other benefits that can be helpful in case they encounter any trouble during their travel. These benefits include travel and emergency assistance, both in the U.S. and while travelling abroad. It can be any kind of emergency; lost luggage, medical assistance, legal help or a need for emergency transportation- Citi Gold AAdvantage World MasterCard members can rest assured to receive assistance in any such situation.

Some other hassles of credit card users are also taken care of by this card; such as $0 liability on any  unauthorized charges. Most of the items bought with the Citi Card fall under “retail purchase protection” program which safeguards these items against various damages; including accidental damage, fire or even theft.

Card holder also enjoy some good options while travelling, such as, being automatically covered for Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance. They get this coverage only if they pay by their card for bus, train or plane tickets. This insurance coverage includes the card holder, their spouse and eligible dependent children.

Likewise, by carrying out car rental transaction, the Citi Gold AAdvantage World MasterCard members get coverage under Auto Rental Insurance, offering them protection from physical damage and theft. One more advantage  for the card members comes from Hertz® in the form of discount offers to Citi card member in the U.S.

Most of these points are more or less common for various travel cards. Isn’t there anything unique in CitiBank Citi Gold Advantage World MasterCard ?

A couple of things are.

First, the Reduced Mileage Awards.

Eligible Citi / AAdvantage card members get discount on their American Airlines AAdvantage miles and can purchase one way or round trip tickets with fewer miles to select destinations. Card member can keep checking list of destination covered under this scheme and decide where they would want to go using their AAdvantage miles.

For CitiBank Citi Gold Advantage World MasterCard, MileSAAver discount of 5,000 American Airlines AAdvantage miles is available on select destinations till March 2014.

Please remember, these reduced mileage awards can be availed of only on bookings made by phone, through American Airlines Reservation or through ticket centres in city or airports. Small services charges are also applicable on different tiers of award reservations through different outlets. For example, A $25 USD charge (per person)  is applicable on award tickets issued by American Airlines reservation offices. Award reservations issued by the airlines’ travel agents will attract a service charge of $20 and any such ticket issued by the airlines’ airport agent will be charged $ 35 per person.

(For more details; check  www.aa.com/reducedmileageawards )

Another unique feature of this card is Citi Price Rewind. If a card holder of CitiBank Citi Gold AAdvantage World MasterCard buys something online on this card, and by chance, the price of the product comes down within next 30 days, then the purchase becomes eligible for price difference refund. Of course, terms and conditions apply for this refund policy. For example, the price difference must be minimum $25 to be eligible for Citi Price Rewind. These refunds are limited to $1000 per calendar year and $250 per item.

Overall, the CitiBank Citi Gold AAdvantage World MasterCard offers a few neat benefits and advantages. My only grouse is a long and complicated name for the card itself and its various services. How I wish someone had told Citi people to keep it simple.

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