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Citi PremierPass Expedia Card Review – Are You the Jetset type?


Credit Cards can hold a labryinth of rewards, hidden costs, special offers and pit-holes and as a consumer, it can be hard to find some real information on the good, the bad and certainly the terrible credit cards that are on offer today. Our job is to inform you about the entirety of the features that you can expect from your credit card, in an honest and reliable way. In this article we take a look at the Citi PremierPass Expedia Card, the first credit card to work on Google’s flagship banking app, Google Wallet. This MasterCard is one of two to be offered by travel industry giant Expedia and is targeted at those of us who like to jet around the world.

Firstly, let’s take a look at the benefits and rewards that are on offer here because the Citi PremierPass Expedia Card certainly has a lot. It is targeted directly at the country-hopping extraordinaire and really caters for somebody who travels around for most of the year. Expedia offers two credit cards in this category, and this is the one with the annual fee (which is $75 per year), but the rewards are defiantly more than worth it if you book with Expedia regularly.

The most important feature of the Citi PremierPass Expedia Card is the fact it is the very first credit card to team up with Google to allow the owner to pay through Google’s smart banking app, Google Wallet. Combining your credit card with your mobile phone will allow you to tap and pay almost exclusively and you can gain a nice little $100 statement credit once you make your first purchase on Expedia within 60 days of opening the account. Being able to use the Citi PremierPass Expedia Card on the go with Google gives it the edge against other competing cards as you can use it in a much more diverse way.

Probably the most attractive feature of the Citi PremierPass Expedia Card is the reward points system: you will receive 10,000 bonus points on your card as a thank-you from Expedia when you spend just $1,500 within the first 4 months of acceptance of the card. You gain two bonus points per $1 spent directly on Expedia, 2 points on general purchases such as groceries and gas and one point per $1 on all other purchases. You also receive one bonus point per air mile traveled, which is great compared to other travel orientated cards that offer 1 point per three miles. The points are easier to accumulate than some of its competitors and are redeemable at ThankYou.com where you can find a wide array of things to splash the points on, from the usual retail and dining vouchers, to more extravagant gifts such as charitable donations, electronic goods and cash.

The Citi PremierPass Expedia Card also boasts some great standard features too, such as:

• Citi Price rewind- when you register covered purchases at citi.com/pricerewind, citi’s very own software will trawl retailer’s website to try and find you a better deal. If they find one, and it sits at $25 and above, you get the difference back.
• Retail purchase protection – this covers theft, fire and accidental breakage on most items for a selected period of 90 days.
• Travel Assistance- you get covered for medical and legal referrals whilst on the road or abroad, with MasterTrip Travel Assistance, Travel Services Medical Assistance and MasterLegal Referral Service all thrown in.
• Personal Concierge Service- Your personal Concierge Service Representative will book flights or hotel rooms and even make restaurant reservations for you. You have 24/7 access to the personalized service absolutely anywhere in the world.
• Automatic Travel Accident Insurance – you can charge plane tickets, train tickets and even bus tickets to your Citi PremierPass Expedia Card and you, your partner and your dependent children are automatically covered for Common Carrier Travel Accident Insurance, all at no additional cost.
• Lost Luggage Coverage_ an important insurance to have, you simply charge the entire common carrier fare to your citi card and you will receive up to $3,000 in lost luggage coverage for you and your dependents.
• Citi Private Pass – this feature gives you special access to a plethora of events. You’ll have access to exclusive VIP packages and pre-sale tickets across the entertainment industry.

And the rewards just keep on coming, you could also earn complimentary companion travel, $0 Liability on Unauthorized Charges and The Citi PremierPass Expedia Card even doubles up as an ID card, with your picture and signature on the front that will help to safeguard you against credit card fraud.

The downside to the Citi PremierPass Expedia Card is that if you don’t fly much, or if you don’t fly with Expedia often, you won’t be privy to many of these benefits, and even if you do, most of the rewards carry a cap. Expedia also charges $5 (or 4%) for balance transfers, which a lot of other (and not just competing) credit cards offer for free. Some users have expressed a dislike of the complimentary companion travel feature as there are some restrictions, but simply having the use of the bonus, for some, is more important than the limitations.

So overall, the Citi PremierPass Expedia Card seems like a great card that boasts some really worthwhile rewards, but it is certainly not going to be the perfect credit card for everybody. It clearly has a lot of pro points going for it, and not a lot of cons in the grand scheme of things. In comparison to other travel orientated credit cards, the rewards do stand above the rest, and although the benefits increase because of it, the annual fee may dissuade some potential customers. Add the monthly charge to the fact that that the citi holds certain charges that other card issuer’s waiver, and you’ve got yourself some selling points that could make all the difference when you make the important decision to commit.

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