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Citi Simplicity Card – Looking for A Simpler Rewards Program?


Do you strongly dislike fees? If so, the Citi Simplicity Card is the perfect card for you. This rewards card is designed for people with busy on the go lifestyles that can’t be inhibited by silly fees or nonsensical rules. This MasterCard will reward you for your good credit history in the form of not charging you for any late fees, annual fees or penalty fees.

Why Should I Choose This Rewards Card?

Some consumers do not wish to earn cash back or rewards points. They enjoy having low APRs and long 18 month introductory rates of 0%. Once the introductory rate is over, your APR will be set between 12.99% and 21.99% depending upon your credit worthiness. Instead of having to deal with the hassles of redeeming points for offers, those who apply for the Citi Simplicity Card will have an easy, predicable rewards experience. These cardholders will experience the rewards as soon as they swipe their card at a point of sale system.

Is there a Catch?

A rewards card that features no late or penalty fees almost sounds too good to be true. You are probably wondering, what’s the catch? There is no catch. Every credit card has to legally disclose any and all fees regarding their offer. On the fee sheet that comes with this card, you will notice that it does not list a late, penalty or annual fee. With that being said, there are no catches! It is recommended that if you apply for this citi simplicity card, you should probably do so knowing that you have a credit score over 700 and no outstanding collections.

The Choice is Simple: The Citi Simplicity Card

There is a variety of perks and advantages associated with this offer. The Citi Simplicity Card is the gold standard in no-hassle credit cards. When you begin your Citi Simplicity credit line, you will have access to features that will help you manage your cash flow and become a better steward of your finances. How unique perks do Citi Simplicity Card holders enjoy?

  • Pick Your Own Due Date Each Month
  • Instantaneous Text & Email Alerts
  • Easily Make Payments Online
  • Order Extra Cards On Demand
  • PDF Statements In Your Email

Citi has granted you access to all of the tools that will make your cardholder experience extraordinary. These are the basic perks of being a Citi Simplicity card holder.  Citi has an entire line up of benefits that make this offer unlike any other. As a Citi Simplicity card holder, you will also have access to:

Citi Price Rewind – Have you ever purchased an item only to find it on sale a week later?  Sometimes these savings can be significant and Citi Price Rewind is the perfect way for you to go ahead and buy an item instead of being indecisive and waiting for it to go on sale. Citi does all of the work for you. Citi searches hundreds of retailers for the same exact item you purchased. If Citi finds it on sale at another store, Citi refunds you the difference. It is important to note that this program only applies to items that are found with a $25 or more price difference. If you bought a sofa with this card for $599 and the same exact model is on sale for $449 at another store, Citi Price Rewind automatically gives you the $150 difference in the form of a check.

Never Worry About ID Theft – Citi has you covered when it comes to your identity. If someone steals your credit card, you will not have to pay for charges that they make on your card. You will be forgiven and your credit rating will not be impacted.

Complimentary Insurance for Cars you Rent – Are you a frequent traveler? You will be delighted to find that your Citi Simplicity card has a built-in auto rental insurance policy. If you are in a destination where you have to rent a car for several days or weeks, your Citi card’s rental insurance policy will save you a bundle of cash.

VIP Emergency Assistance while Traveling – Could you imagine finding yourself in a country where you do not know the native language and you need emergency assistance due to an injury? Perhaps you find yourself in the middle of a misunderstanding and you need legal representation while you are traveling. Citi can help you find medical, translation and legal representation no matter where you are located. Citi’s emergency services are designed to give you the assistance and assurance you need while traveling. Please note that Citi will only locate the assistance you need. You will be responsible for paying back any fees for services rendered after Citi has assisted you.

Customer ServiceWhenever you need to talk to Citi, you can call, chat or email a customer service agent to get help anytime. Citi is there to help you 24/7/365 regardless of what kind of problem you have.

A Simple Credit Card

The Citibank Citi Simplicity Card is a low interest credit card that will catch the attention of those looking to avoid complicated rewards programs. You should only apply for this card if you believe your credit rating is excellent. If you are looking for a card that rewards you with flights, cash back or perks, this card is not right for you. This card is perfect for those who enjoy their rewards at the time that they purchase their goods. Your rewards are given to you in the form of an 18 month introductory 0% APR offer. You also get the same terms on a balance transfer as well. After the introductory rate is up, your rate will stay lower than most other rewards cards. Keep in mind that there is no annual fee for this Citi Simplicity Card.

The Citi Simplicity Card is an innovative rewards card that makes having a credit card easy. Since there are no late fees, no over the limit fees or no confusing rewards programs, this card has set itself apart from other rewards cards by making the terms and conditions simple and easy to follow. Within 60 seconds, Citi will tell you if you are approved. What are you waiting for? Apply for this rewards card offer today.


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