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Comenity Capital Bank Ann Taylor MasterCard – Does Shopping Pay Off?


Retail store credit cards are great to have – especially if you frequently shop in the same store repeatedly. Why not earn benefits if you are going to be making purchases anyway? The Comenity Capital Bank Ann Taylor MasterCard is the exclusive card for Ann Taylor, an upscale retail store that offers an extensive collection of goods including:

  • Apparel
  • Accessories
  • Shoes
  • Wedding and Event apparel

For first-time credit card users, there is an especially enticing offer when you are approved for the Comenity Capital Bank Ann Taylor MasterCard– 15 percent off the entire purchase. There are some stipulations with the offer, such as the discount is only eligible for online purchases and does not pertain to gift boxes or gift card purchases. If you are interested in using the discount, it will need to be used on approval – so you should be ready to use the discount during the same checkout. While it might seem like a hassle to only use the discount with the Comenity Capital Bank Ann Taylor MasterCard on approval, it’s a good idea to create your desired shopping cart of goods – especially those items that you’ve been waiting to go on sale and have them ready to go before you complete the card application.

The Comenity Capital Bank Ann Taylor MasterCard is issued through Comenity, which is a parent of the company’s bank – Comenity Capital Bank And Comenity Bank. For those who want to have the freedom of a traditional credit card while still obtaining the perks and benefits of a retail card, the Comenity Capital Bank Ann Taylor MasterCard is a great option. As a MasterCard, it is accepted almost everywhere in the world – a valuable feature for those who travel or appreciate the freedom to use it at other locations, such as a gas station, grocery store or restaurant.

Rewards of the Comenity Capital Bank Ann Taylor MasterCard

The rewards of the Comenity Capital Bank Ann Taylor MasterCard is competitive to many other reward credit cards, but offers a bit better reward points when you use the card within the store or online with the LOFT or Ann Taylor. Points are earned as followed:

  • 1 Perfect Rewards Point for each dollar spent outside of the LOFT or Ann Taylor
  • 5 Perfect Rewards Points for purchases made online or in-store at Ann Taylor or LOFT
  • For every 2,000 points earned, you receive a $20 Perfect Rewards Card
  • Each birthday, you receive a $15 gift

Important Fees to Understand

As with any credit card, there are various fees and charges you need to be made aware of prior to using. These additional costs should factor in to whether or not the Comenity Capital Bank Ann Taylor MasterCard is right for you and your financial situation. In some cases, paying cash for apparel ends up being a more affordable option – especially if you tend to carry a balance over time. Do you pay your credit card off each month? Earning rewards while avoiding extra charges and fees make any credit card a great option to have in the wallet. Here are some important rates to consider when applying for the Comenity Capital Bank Ann Taylor MasterCard:

  • 24.99 percent annual percentage rate. This is a fairly high opening interest rate – you might be better off looking for other MasterCard options with lower APRs. One downside to looking for other cards is you won’t make use of the great Rewards Points offered with the Ann Taylor card.
  • The rate for balance transfers and cash advances is also 24.99 percent.

It’s important to note that the penalty APR is 24.99 percent. When it comes to other credit cards, the penalty rate is usually much higher than the introductory rate. Since the penalty rate for the Comenity Capital Bank Ann Taylor MasterCard is the same, you don’t have to worry about it jumping up higher than your current rate. On the downside, it’s still a fairly high rate to start out with in comparison to other cards.

When you look at many rewards cards, there is often an annual fee associated with membership. The Ann Taylor credit card does not have an annual fee – which is ideal for those who want to use the benefits of the card without paying for the privilege.

Authorized Buyers

If you have more than one shopper in the house, having an authorized user added to the account is a great way to boost the reward earnings. One downside to the Ann Taylor and LOFT is they are women’s apparel stores, so the need for an additional user might not be that high in a family setting. If you are interested in adding users to the account, be extra vigilant in watching the balance and payment options – two users on an account increase the risk of penalty fees or charges for over the limit fees.

The Comenity Capital Bank Ann Taylor MasterCard is a great option if you like to shop at the retail store or frequently visit the LOFT. Shopping for clothing and accessories is fairly expensive – especially for women, so having the option of a credit card for these higher end stores makes it easier for shoppers to make purchases and pay off smaller balances. That being said, unless you are a frequent shopper at these retail stores and expect to earn reward points quickly, the annual percentage rate is a bit high for most credit card holders. If you only go into the LOFT or Ann Taylor sporadically, it makes more sense to find a lower interest rate MasterCard and use it for purchases, since you likely won’t earn the rewards points quickly enough to warrant the extra cost with interest.

There are many pros and cons when it comes to the Comenity Capital Bank Ann Taylor MasterCard – if you shop there frequently and can afford to pay off a balance each month, take advantage of those reward points and use the credit card anywhere in the world. If not, you might be better off looking for a lower interest card if you need something to use for shopping – there are plenty of rewards cards that offer points back for everyday spending.

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