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Commerce Bank BankMiles Credit Card | Loads Of Rewards Redemption Options!


The Commerce Bank BankMiles Credit Card offers a very flexible rewards program with which you earn points not only on the total purchases you make, but also on any interest accrued on your monthly statement balances. There are literally hundreds of rewards redemption options available for you to select from, and there’s also rates and fees that are certainly not the worst in the modern credit card market. There’s no annual fee if you have Commerce Options services, and there’s also some other pretty enticing benefits and features (see below).

Concerning how many points you will earn with your Commerce Bank BankMiles Credit Card, the structure isn’t very difficult to understand. In essence, you get one point for every dollar you spend. For every dollar of interest that accrues on your monthly balances, you will get another five points. You also earn extra points when you shop at thousands of participating retail entities. There is no limit to the points you are allowed to earn – and they stay valid for five years. You can choose to redeem your points for any of the following:

It’s possible that some retailers may limit the amount of points you may redeem through their outlets. Also, some may not allow redemption of points toward certain, preassigned merchandise. You need to allow up to thirty days for rewards points from certain retailers to show up on your Commerce Bank BankMiles Credit Card statement. Once you see the rewards points credited to your statement, then they are yours to use in hundreds of different ways as you see fit.

Commerce Bank BankMiles Credit Card APRs and Fees

For the first six months of card ownership, there is a 0% APR on purchases and balance transfers on the Commerce Bank BankMiles Credit Card. After that, the APR goes up to 13.99%. Remember that Commerce Bank reserves the right to cancel that 0% APR and apply the Penalty APR of 27.99%. The APR for non-overdraft cash advances is 21.99%.

You will always have at least 25 days of grace period to pay your bill. That 25 days is based on the periodic statement date, not from the day your statement comes to you in the mail. Like all bills, your statement is printed and sent out on a consistent schedule. It’s noteworthy to mention this because credit card issuing and servicing companies are hard-nosed these days. If you miss even one payment on your Commerce Bank BankMiles Credit Card, make a payment late, have a payment returned, or in any other way perform in a less than exemplary manner, they sock you with that steep penalty APR. And Commerce makes no promises about how long they will apply that penalty APR. In fact, they reserve the right to never lower it at all for those who have had it induced.

If you incur any finance charges on Commerce Bank BankMiles Credit Card overdue balances, the minimum amount assessed will be $2.50. Other applicable fees include:

  • Balance Transfers & Convenience Checks: $10 or 3%, whichever is more;
  • Cash Advances: $10 or 3% of the amount;
  • Overdraft Cash Advances: $10 or 3% of the amount;
  • Late Payment fee of $15 if account balance is $100 or less;
  • $29 Late Payment fee if the balance of the account is between $100 and $500;
  • $39 Late Payment fee if the account balance is more than $500;
  • Fee for going over your credit limit: $29;

Other cool features and benefits of the Commerce Bank BankMiles Credit Card:

With this card, you get the convenience of using online services to safely and securely check your balances, pay your bills, view transaction histories and more. Of course, there is also text and email services available too, making it simple and painless to almost-instantly receive balance statements and important messages in real time.

There’s optional Overdraft Protection available that should always be elected, especially for those who realistically just might make a late payment, or in some other way be even slightly irresponsible. It sure doesn’t take much to get penalized in this credit society so watch you back and CYA with this overdraft protection option.

Of course, the Commerce Bank BankMiles Credit Card also has industry-common benefits like a $250,000 travel accident insurance coverage clause, emergency cash disbursement services, collision damage insurance coverage and loads more. There’s a Zero-Liability clause included that makes you immune from any nastiness associated with any fraudulent activities that identity thieves may initiate with your card.

Friendly, almost-always-available customer care agents are in place to accommodate your requests however they are able. A fast review of the website let’s you see that most of their customers are quick to brag about the excellent customer service they get from Commerce Bank. That’s always nice to be able to count on if ever any issues arise with your card or account. Check the website for full details.

To get a full grasp of the thousands of rewards redemption options you have with this card, you’ll have to visit the website and view the terms and conditions associated. There’s just too much fine print to cover here. Overall, you can count of this card for huge versatility concerning rewards redemption, industry-competitive APRs and fees, well-received customer care standards and a solid company reputation. The Commerce Bank BankMiles Credit Card is an intelligent choice for those who don’t like restrictions about what they can buy and when they can buy it in order to maximize their points rewards.

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