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Which credit cards provide complementary FICO scores?


FICO scores are important to your credit history and keeping track of it on a monthly basis is essential especially if your credit card offers this service. First of all, prior to extending credit to you, lenders will take a look at your credit report and base their decision the FICO score alone. Secondly, by monitoring your FICO score you can avoid considerable damage to your credit report. Essentially, you can learn a lot from your FICO score alone and know ahead of time if your credit report is heading the wrong way.

As of now, the following credit cards provide complementary FICO scores to their customers.

Cards Offering Complementary FICO Scores


Discover was first up when credit card issuers started giving out complementary FICO scores. The Discover card offers:

  • No penalty interest rate
  • First late payment fee is renounced
  • US based customer service access
  • APR set at 10.99% (after 0% intro period)
  • Double cash back after first year
  • No annual fees

Citi Double Cash Card

Citi was a little late in offering complementary FICO scores to its cardholders. It gives free FICO scores to customers based on their Equifax credit history. With the Citi Double Cash Card, you’ll get:

  • Extra cash back for paying off your debt
  • 1% cash back on every purchase
  • 0% APR for 15 months
  • APR set at 12.99% to 22.99% after intro period

Chase Slate

All of you know Chase Slate as the card that offers interest-free balance transfer service. Now you’ll also know it as Chase’s first credit card that gives complementary FICO scores. With Chase Slate, you get:

  • 0% APR for 15 months
  • No fee on transfers (first 60 days)
  • Access to the Credit Dashboard
  • No annual fee

Barclaycard Ring MasterCard

Do you want a credit card that has all the features you propose? Barclaycard lets their cardholders suggest what they look for in a card and cast votes to make it happen. With the Barclaycard you not only get complementary FICO scores but also:

  • Giveback program (customers get a fraction of the company’s profits)
  • 8% APR on all purchases and balance transfers
  • No fees on balance transfers
  • No annual fee

Capital One

The Capital One card provides a host of features in addition to complementary FICO scores. These include:

  • Access to Capital One Credit Tracker
  • Cash back at 1.5% on all purchases
  • 0% APR till April 2016
  • Chance to earn $100 after spending $500 (first 3 months)
  • No annual fee

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