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Credit cards affect your spending. Read how here.


Credit Cards are the downfall of so many well-meaning, hard wd working people. The smell of cash is starting to become elusive. Not because of people working less or the economy failing, but because everyone, everywhere is going paperless. Credit Cards rule everything it seems.Does this affect what we buy when we buy, or how much debt we pose onto ourselves?

Credit Cards Affect Everyday Life

This is something that plays out in homes all across the world. It is almost pay day. There is basically no money left in your pocket, you can surive because you made absolutely sure that you bought groceries and gas to get your through these final days before payday.

Then you sleep through your alarm. You have just enough time to throw on some clothes, grab your keys and run out the door. Breakfast is impossible. There is no way you can get the time to cook. You have no cash, bank is a minimum, debt card is out of the question. So what do you do? Rather than skip breakfast, you reach for that wonderful piece of plastic as you run through the drive thru of your not quite favorite resturant. Breakfast problem solved thanks to the credit card.

Lunch Time: after working all morning running on coffee and a bran muffin you are so ready for lunch. You thought ahead and made a healthy budget friendly lunch, except you left it in the fridge in your apartment across town. Your cash flow is stalled due to an emergency with your car last night. Once again, the credit card is going to save your belly.

These are just two examples that having that precious credit card makes your day run smoother. Having it saved you from going hungry simply because you did not have any cash.The question is often posed as to whether or not credit cards affects our spending of cash. The answer is yes.  Credit cards gives us the option to spend money even though we have none to spend.

Credit Cards Do Not Put People Into Debt:People Do

Honestly, having a credit card is not a negative thing. There are situations that prove we do need them. I  know that for the normal person the ease of using a credit card means that they do not see the way the cash is falling out of thier wallets like they would if they were usuing actual cash. The end of the month they get that statement and get overwhelmed with making even the minumum payment. That does not mean credit cards are bad, though.

Having a credit card and putting it up for an emergency is a good thing. Knowing that you can cover what you spent with cash and making sure your pay your whole balance every month will improve your credit. Get in the habit of using your cash. It will make you watch what you spending. It will keep you out of debt. For more information for using your credit card for emergencies check out: http://www.rewardscreditcards.org/emergency-credit-cards/.

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