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Credit One Bank


Credit One Bank may not be as well-known as other major banking institutions in the United States, but it certainly offers a variety of options for personal as well as business use. Credit One Bank is known as a leading issuer of the Visa as well as MasterCard credit cards, with their home base in Las Vegas, Nevada. Credit One Bank credit cards are designed for those with less than stellar credit histories who find it difficult to obtain a Visa or MasterCard through other major banking institutions. One of the main focuses of Credit One Bank when it comes to their credit card offers is to enable consumers to the opportunity to rebuild or establish credit. Credit One bank credit cards offer a variety, depending on expected usage.

Types of Credit One Bank Credit Cards

When it comes to comparing Credit One Bank credit cards, you may find you need to jump through a few hoops. In order to view the type of credit card options available, you need to fill out a prequalification form available on the website. However, some of the more popular Credit One Bank Credit cards available include:

• Visa Platinum (available in four options, three Visa and one MasterCard)
• Credit One Bank credit card with Gas Rewards (one is available for fair credit, the other for bad credit)
• Credit One Bank Platinum card
• Credit One Bank credit card with Online Credit Score Tracking included (one for fair credit, and one for bad credit)
• Credit One Bank Earn More Credit fast (for those with bad credit)


Benefits attached to Credit One Bank credit cards depend on the type of card you get, but the basic features for all four cards include automatic reviews for credit line increases, online monthly credit score tracking, free monthly updates to the major credit bureaus, as well as zero dollars fraud liability, travel accident insurance, and auto rental collision damage waiver. The benefits are not typical as other basic rewards programs, but the Credit One Bank credit cards offer a less tangible benefit – credit score tracking that gives younger users a viable way to track their ongoing credit history.

Annual Rates and Fees

Annual rates and fees for Credit One Bank credit cards vary depending on which credit card a consumer is approved for. The annual percentage rates for the four Credit One Bank credit cards range between 17.90% and 23.90%. Two of the more basic credit charge an average of $5 or 8% of cash advance amounts, and charge up to $35 for late or returned payments. Those come with a 19.90 APR, and a 17.90 APR, respectively.

Annual Fees

Annual fees for the five major credit card options offered by Credit One Bank credit cards range between $35 annual fees and $99 annual fees. Three of the cards have a $35 annual fee, one of the cards offers a $75 first-year annual fee, and $99 after that – and then the other comes with $75 annual fee. Be aware that the credit limits on these cards may be limited but the basic start at $300 minimum credit line.

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