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Discover It – Discover the Rewards with the Discover It Rewards Card


Discover Financial was the first to provide credit cards that offered cash rewards. Today, this company’s Discover It Card is an admirable representation of this history, with a multitude of great features for card holders seeking to reap benefits from their purchases and balance transfers. It offers one of the longest 0% introductory rate periods in the industry. And even after your introductory period, the impressive rewards that come with this card ensure it will continue being a great option for discounts and savings. All these features are yours with no annual fee.

The Discover It Card – Flexible Introductory Offers to Meet Different Needs

The Discover It Card currently has three promotional introductory offers.

  1. Choose a 14 month 0% APR introductory period for purchases and balance transfers.
  2. Enjoy a 0% APR for 18 months on balance transfers and a 6 month 0% APR on purchases.
  3. Earn $150 cash back when you spend at least $750 on purchases during the first three months. Your APR is 10.99% on balance transfers for 6 months with this offer.

Your rate thereafter will range from a 10.99% to 22.99% standard variable purchase APR. With the cash back offer, this rate applies to purchases from the beginning. All other features and benefits of the Discover It Card remain the same.

Save $$$ with Balance Transfers

If you are carrying a balance on high-interest credit cards, choose one of the zero percent introductory APR offers to pay down the principal on those other cards and save money. Transfer the balances to the Discover It Card and enjoy 14 or 18 months of paying on your principal. Your transfer fee is a mere 3%.

Cash in with Lucrative Rebate Offers

Save even more money by earning 5% cash back on specific types of purchases year round. This is set up on a quarterly basis with rotating categories. The categories are gas, travel, restaurants, movies, home improvement and online shopping. The category for the first quarter of 2014 is restaurants and movies. Sign up for this free program online or on the phone. There’s a $1,500 cap, but once you exceed this, you will continue earning 1% cash back on your remaining purchases.You will also earn a 1% rebate on all your other purchases throughout the year, regardless of the purchasing category. This benefit is unlimited.

Ensure maximum rebates for your particular shopping habits and needs with Discover’s Cashback Concierge. This special customer service feature walks you through your rewards options, explains what categories and purchases are eligible for the current quarter’s 5% rebate, and helps you identify the best rebates available when shopping at Discover’s online mall.

Sweet Sweet Redemption

Discover gives you various options for redeeming your cash back bonus. You can have the money credited to your Discover It Card account or deposited directly into your personal bank account in $50 increments. But if you want even more bang for your buck, consider gift certificates. You can double your rebate value by redeeming your cash back with eligible gift cards from more than 100 partner retailers.

Online Shoppers Benefit from Unmatched Savings Advantages

ShopDiscover is Discover Financial’s online shopping mall. It boasts more than 200 retailers, and offers impressive savings opportunities for Discover It cardholders. You can earn up to 20% cash back on your ShopDiscover purchases, the highest amount in the industry. Special recurring deals amplify your savings even more with additional discounts and free shipping offers. There are numerous popular and well-known retailers to choose from, such as Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Sears, Sephora, Staples, Bass Pro Shops, Home Depot, Marriott, Nike, PetSmart, Princess Cruises and many more.

To further expand your online shopping horizons, link your Discover It Card to your Amazon.com account. You can purchase items directly from Amazon with credit and with your card rewards.

Second Chances

With the Discover It Card, if you find yourself struggling to make your payments on time, rest assured this will not detrimentally affect your APR. Unlike many other credit companies, Discover does not penalize you in this way for making late payments. Additionally, the first time this happens, the company waives the late fee. And Discover makes it easy to budget your payments. You can choose your own due date, and pay as late as 12am EST, either by phone or online. All the information you need to make your payments is printed on the back of your card. Should you go over your limit, there’s no fee for that either.

Heads above the Rest

The benefits don’t end with superior rewards and second chance features. If you travel abroad, you’ll be happy to learn that Discover It charges no foreign transaction fee. If you find yourself unemployed, you may be eligible for a lower rate or smaller payments to help you continue paying on your balance. Your FICO® Credit Score on your monthly statement is another helpful feature, exclusive to Discover. This information keeps you aware of any strikes against your credit, allowing you to deal with the potentially negative impact this can have on your credit worthiness right away.

Other Valuable Standbys

With Discover It, you don’t sacrifice standard features that are typically included with comparable rewards credit cards. Your eligible card purchases are protected from accidental damages or theft for up to 90 days. This coverage applies to no more than $500. The card also comes with Price Protection, Return Protection and a $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee.

Purchase your airline tickets on your card, and rest easy with up to $500,000 flight accident insurance. Car rental insurance is also part of the package.

A Smart Choice for Smart Consumers

With its acceptance at 9 million retailers and by 94% of the top 1,000 online merchants, this is very likely one of the top no annual fee rewards cards currently available. It offers numerous benefits and no obvious detriments. Bear in mind, you will need very good credit to qualify. The average score is 711 and the lowest is 676. But if you are eligible, you really can’t go wrong with the Discover It Card. In addition to all the money saving rewards, discounts and benefits already discussed, you will enjoy Discover’s excellent customer service with a U.S. based call center. Last year, Brand Keys Customer Loyalty Engagement Index ranked Discover number one in customer loyalty for the 17th year running. Hey. It shows.

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