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Discover Miles Credit Card Review – Discover’s Best Mileage Card?


Traveling is something that many of us are passionate about, but it is also a passion that can be quite costly. If you enjoy heading to pastures new by air, you could end up paying a fortune in airfare. One way in which to ease the financial strain while still getting to enjoy the delights of traveling to new places is to find a good air miles credit card such as the Discover Miles Credit Card that will help to bring down the cost of travel as well as offer a range of additional perks.

Rewards based credit cards are very popular amongst those who regularly spend on their plastic and who are able to repay the balance within the interest free period. An air miles card is a great way to get something back from your credit card provider in return for your customer loyalty, and it is the ideal rewards card for those who tend to travel by air. One credit card that enables cardholders to earn air miles is the Discover Miles Credit Card.

In a nutshell, the Discover Miles Credit Card allows users to benefit from accruing air miles each time they make purchases on the credit card. Based on what you are paying for with your card, you could even earn double miles to help boost how quickly you reach a level that can be redeemed. In addition to this you can earn bonus miles to further enhance your accrued miles levels. There are other perks that come with this card, such as a lengthy interest free period on purchases and balance transfers. Of course, in addition to this you get to enjoy the convenience, ease, and flexibility that come with all credit cards.

Who should use the Discover Miles Credit Card?

The Discover Miles Credit Card is ideally suited to people who tend to use their cards on a regular basis or are planning to make a high value purchase on the card, as you earn a mile for each dollar you spend. So, the more you spend on the card the more air miles you will be able to earn. It is also important to bear in mind that in order to get maximum benefit from the card, you need to be repaying the outstanding balance in full within the interest free period. This means that you will not be getting charged any interest, so every mile you earn will be a bonus for you.

If on the other hand you do not use your credit card a great deal or for costly purchases, this probably isn’t the ideal card for you. This is because you will fail to clock up adequate air miles for redemption. In addition, if you tend to spread your repayments over a lengthy period and you therefore have to pay interest, you should consider another type of credit card, as the amount you pay in terms of interest will outstrip what you earn in air miles.

It is worth noting that the Discover Miles Credit Card offers a generous 6 months introductory 0 percent APR, so as long as you can get your outstanding balance cleared within this time you could still benefit from using the card as long as you make regular or high value purchases to enable you to accrue miles.

Key Features and Benefits of the Discover Miles Credit Card

This credit card comes with a range of benefits and features, which help to make it the perfect choice for travel enthusiasts looking for a decent rewards based card. This includes:

  • No fee: unlike many other rewards based credit cards, the Discover Miles Credit Card does not charge any annual fee, which will appeal to many people looking for a cost effective air miles card.


  • 0 percent interest: You can benefit from a 0 percent interest rate for a generous six month period with the Discover Miles Credit Card when you use it to make purchases. After the initial six months, the APR will vary based on your credit and financial status. You also get to benefit from 0 percent interest for the first six months on balance transfers, although you should bear in mind that there is a 3 percent fee for every transferred balance.


  • Earn air miles on spending: For every dollar you spend on purchases with your Discover Miles Credit Card, you will earn one air mile. For those who spend regularly on their card or who make high value purchases, these miles can really add up.


  • Bonus miles: During the first 12 months of being a Discover Miles Credit Card cardholder you could earn an impressive 12,000 bonus miles. These are issues at a rate of 1000 miles each month you make a purchase on your card.


  • Double miles: To boost your miles even further you can benefit from earning double miles on certain purchases. This includes double miles on the first $3,000 you spend on travel and restaurant purchases every year and double miles on purchases made through the Discovery online shopping mall.


  • Unrestricted travel: One of the big perks for travel enthusiasts is the fact that this card offers access to unrestricted travel, which can be booked with any travel agent, online travel company, or airline.

In summary

In summary, the Discover Miles credit card is an uncomplicated rewards based card that not only provides users with the chance to enjoy cut price travel but also offers additional benefits. The card will be well suited to anyone who travels by air regularly and is looking to save money on future trips. As you do need to spend on the card regularly in order to accrue miles at a reasonable rate, it is worth paying for all of your day to day purchases on your credit card rather than by cash or debit card. You can then repay the money at the end of each month and benefit from increasing your miles balance without being charged any interest.

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