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Discover is one of the most popular and noticed banking vendors in all regions of the United States. They offer a variety of options for personal as well as business banking options. Discover credit cards made inroads in the financial and banking industry in the mid-1980s. As in the past, most Discover credit cards do not charge annual fees, and provide relatively high credit limits. Coupled with their cash back bonus programs, they are among the most popular card vendor in the country.

Types of Discover Credit Cards

Discover credit cards run the gamut, some focusing on cash back bonuses and options, others on shopping, and others on merchandise, gas rebates, and more. Some of the most popular personal use Discover credit cards include but are not limited to:

• Discover it
• Discover it for Students

When it comes to business, Discover credit cards also provide two options:

• Discover Business card
• Discover Business Miles card

Each of the credit cards offers a variety of features and benefits.


Benefits for personal as well as business use – Discover credit cards offer a variety of perks and options for consumers. For example, the Discover Business card offers a 5% cash back bonus on the first $2,000 you spend in office supplies, and 2% cash back bonus on the first $2,000 you spend on gas every year. You also earn cash rewards on additional purchases.

The Discover Business Miles card enables cardholders to earn double the miles on travel and gas purchases, as well as one mile for every dollar spent on other types of purchases.

The Discover it credit card offers 5% cash back in changing categories, and 1% cash back every time the card is used. Online shopping perks that offer between 5% and 20% cash back are available for over 200 online retailers, including Amazon.

In recent months, they also provides consumers with free FICO credit scores on the monthly statements as well as a variety of online and mobile tools and technologies.

Annual Rates and Fees

The annual rates and fees depend on your credit history and which type of card you have. The annual percentage rates on the Discover Business and the Discover Business Miles card averages 12.99% to 19.99%, although both offer a 0% APR on all card purchases through the first of September 2014. The Discover it card comes with a 0% introductory annual percentage rate for the first 14 months, after which the APR ranges 10.99% to 22.99%. The Discover it for Students offers a 0% introductory APR for the first six billing cycles, after which the APR ranges between 12.99% and 21.99%

Annual Fees

None of the business cards charges an annual fee. Discover it card also charges no annual fee nor does the Discover it for Students. Compare the credit cards side by side and determine which would be best for your spending and budgeting needs.

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