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Earn points while shopping with the Barclays BJs Visa Card


Families around the country utilize warehouses such as Costco, Sam’s Club and BJ’s to stock up on household items and groceries in bulk to save money or to limit the number of trips to the grocery store each week – but did you know you might not be earning as many reward points with your credit card than you thought? If you read the small print in your credit card’s terms and conditions, you might find that countless banking companies are only offering a fraction of the rewards points or miles for purchases made at wholesale warehouse clubs.

If a good chunk of the purchases you make on your credit card are at wholesale warehouses, the Barclays BJs Visa Card is a great option for you and makes sense financially because you get a larger reward than with many other cards. So, what makes the Barclays BJs Visa Card stand out? Every point you earn adds up to even more savings when you’re shopping at BJ’s. Benefits of the reward card include:

  • 2% cash back at BJ’s, which includes purchases made at the store or website, and gas stations.
  • 1% cash back on all other purchases

While it might sound a bit confusing to someone who is used to earning actual reward points for purchases, BJ’s sets it up like this:

  • Two points for every dollar spent on purchases at the front-end registers in the BJ’s warehouse location, BJ’s website or the BJ’s gas stations.
  • One point for every dollar spent anywhere else.

Every month, your billing statement will show the accumulation of points so you know exactly where you stand with your rewards. Another thing to look forward to from the Barclays BJs Visa Card is that for every 3,000 points accrued, you will get a BJ’s Bucks check for $30 to be used on your next purchase. Since you will be making purchases at the warehouse to stock up on groceries, having this extra little cash back bonus to apply toward your spending is a great option!

One downside to the point system with the Barclays BJs Visa Card is that points will expire after 36 months. So if you are looking for a card that you can accumulate a large number or points over time, this won’t be an ideal option for you. However, if you are using the card to pay for your gas or grocery needs, you likely won’t have a need for saving points up for more than 3 years – especially since you get Bucks check for every 3,000 points. One catch to the Bucks check is they must be used within 90 days – not too hard if you are weekly or monthly shopper!

As always, the terms and conditions are an important part of whether a card is something you can benefit from – while you get more rewards using the card at a warehouse than many other institutions offer, it’s still a good idea to compare cards to ensure you find one that is right for you and your family.

Cards with no annual fee are always a good step in the right direction – especially for a card such as this that doesn’t really offer you anything in the way of airline miles or travel benefits. Of course, the Barclays BJs Visa Card and a zero annual fee approval are based on credit ratings and history, so there’s no guarantee you will get a card if you sign up. At the time you sign up, your credit rating will dictate the APR you are assigned with, including:

  • 13.99%
  • 24.99%

Features using the Barclays BJs Visa Card

These are average figures and if you are assigned the 24.99% APR, you might want to sit down and figure out if the rewards you get for accruing points using the Barclays BJs Visa Card is worth the added monthly charge. If you maintain a high balance, the interest rate could be substantially high, making it pointless to use instead of a debit card at your local warehouse store.

One great feature of the Barclays BJs Visa Card is the 0% introductory rate on balance transfers for the first six billing cycles. If you have a credit card you think you can pay off within the next six months, it’s worth transferring it to the BJ’s Visa for the no interest – why not save money where you can? Keep in mind, however, that a balance transfer that is still being paid on after the six billing cycles will go up to whichever APR you have, so 13.99% or 24.99%. Don’t get stuck paying interest after a transfer, only make a transfer if you know you can pay it off – or if you end up with a lower APR with the Barclays card as opposed to card with the current balance.

Cash advances for the Barclays BJs Visa Card are average, but substantial, at 25.24% — Not a great rate, but it’s there if you need it. With todays economic uncertainly, always having the option for cash is a good idea – just be careful not to use it on a whim, especially if you pull out a large amount, as the 25.24% is a good amount of added interest.

One concerning factor of the Barclays BJs Visa Card is the hefty penalty APR you could be stuck with if you make a late payment. If you are late on one payment, your APR is subject to be raised to 30.24%! Aside from the elevated APR, once you have a penalty APR, you could be stuck with it indefinitely – that’s something to consider, as we all make a mistake here or there and might forget about a payment for a couple days. That APR might nullify any possible benefits you get out of the Barclays BJs Visa Card!

The bottom line is, if you shop around at a warehouse using an everyday credit card, chances are you aren’t getting the number of rewards you think you’re earning. Applying for the Barclays BJs Visa Card, which is designed to reward you specifically at the BJ’s wholesale warehouse, is a great option if you can stay on top of payments!

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