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East West Bank


East West bank is a relatively new bank, founded in the early 1990s, with currently approximately 200 bank locations mainly in California, that provides a variety of personal, business, and corporate services. East West bank credit cards provide a variety of options for consumers based on need, and offer a variety of rewards, discounts, and perks. East West bank is a Chinese-American bank that was originally founded in California, with their home offices now located in Pasadena. Since its founding in 1973, it’s served with a Chinese-American community in Southern California, but branches today can be found throughout the United States, including Texas, Washington, and New York.

Types of East West Bank Credit Cards

It’s easy to confuse the East West Bank credit cards associated with the Chinese-American bank with a bank by the same name founded in the Philippines. East West Bank offers a limited number of credit cards for consumers. For example, personal East West bank credit cards include:

• Visa Bonus Rewards card
• Visa Bonus Rewards PLUS card
• Visa College Rewards
• Visa Platinum card

Each of these cards comes with a variety of perks, online access, competitive annual percentage rates, and flexible credit limits, depending on your credit history and perceived credit worthiness.

East West Bank credit cards offered for business uses include:

• Visa Business Bonus Rewards card
• Visa Business Bonus Rewards PLUS card
• Visa Business card

Perks and benefits for the business cards also vary depending on which card you have, including the ability to earn one point for every dollar spent and bonuses between 25% and 50% on all points that are earned every month.


Benefits offered by the personal use East West bank credit cards differ, depending on which card you have. For example, the Visa Bonus Rewards card offers a $25 cash back bonus when you make your first purchase, and you can earn up to 25% on all points you earn automatically, every month. When it comes to the Visa Bonus Rewards PLUS card, you earn 50% more on all the points that you earn every month, automatically, as well as $50 cash back bonus when you make your first purchase.

The Visa College Rewards card is designed for college students and starts off with lower and more manageable credit lines. Students receive 1,000 bonus points with their first purchase, and can earn one report point for every dollar spent. Last but not least, the Visa Platinum card is not a rewards card, but does offer a low introductory APR.

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

Standard annual percentage rates and fees for East West Bank credit cards range 7.99% to 25.99%, depending on the type of card for which you are approved. Applicable APRs for balance transfers and cash advances are similar.

Annual Fees

Annual fees for East West Bank credit cards range between $0 and $50, and no travel fees are attached to any of the cards. Additional fees include but are not limited to balance transfer advanced fees, convenience check advance fees, cash advance over draft protection, as well as cash equivalent and financial institution cash advance fees.

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