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EastWest Bank Visa Signature Bonus Rewards PLUS Card – All-Round Reward Offerings?


East West Bank offers an assortment of Visa credit card, offering four different cards under the Visa family of credit cards. EastWest Bank takes its motto of “More Rewards. No More Rules” seriously in the form of the EastWest Bank Visa Signature Bonus Rewards PLUS Card. The card is a Visa Signature Rewards Card issued by the EastWest Bank, an American–Chinese Bank based in Pasadena, California in the United States. Apart from the great extensive rewards program that the card has, it also comes with added security benefits and award-winning expense management tools.

EastWest Bank Visa Signature Bonus Rewards PLUS Card – the good aspects

The EastWest Bank Visa Signature Bonus Rewards PLUS Card not only offers a rich rewards program offering the cardholders competitive rates and a higher purchasing power but is also equipped with exclusive Visa privileges and elite cardholder services. The card enables cardholders to earn 1x points for every $1 that they spend in net retail qualifying purchases. Cardholders are also eligible to receive an automatic whopping 50% bonus on all points that they earn every month. What’s more, there are no caps or upper limits on the amount of points that cardholders can potentially earn, and points expire only after a long period of five years. This gives cardholders enough time to accumulate points and redeem desired rewards. Both the above points earning features combined enable cardholders to accelerate their reward earning capabilities greatly. For example, if a cardholder earns 1000 points every month, then at the end of the year, he potentially stands to earn a whopping 6000 bonus points annually. This particular feature is rare in reward credit cards and is the clear stand out perk and feature of the EastWest Bank Visa Signature Bonus Rewards PLUS Card.

Cardholders are also eligible to earn a cash back amount of $50 on the first purchase that they make with the card. Cardholders also have the option of redeeming their points for round trip airfare beginning at 25,000 points for an amount up to $325, cash back beginning at 2,500 points for an amount up to $25, for branded merchandise as well as gift cards. The airfare points can be redeemed for travelling without cardholders having to worry about any restrictions or frequent flyer programs. The points can also be redeemed for a whole lot of other options apart from travel, such as everyday expenses such as gas and groceries, hotel reservations, and even dining out at restaurants, lounges and bars. Thus, the EastWest Bank Visa Signature Bonus Rewards PLUS Card allows cardholders to redeem points at the same industry-leading rebate value as those available for cash rewards.


Cardholders of the EastWest Bank Visa Signature Bonus Rewards PLUS Card also receive access to many valuable services and benefits including access to Scoreboard, which is an award-winning expense management tool which helps cardholders in not only tracking but also in organizing their expenses schedule. The cardholders also receive free employee cards that have their own individual credit limits, which in turn will allow cardholders to manage and track employee expenses without having to have an out-and-out business credit card. The card also allows business owners to add up the points earned on the free employee cards to those of their own in order to reach reward goals faster.

The cardholders of the EastWest Bank Visa Signature Bonus Rewards PLUS Card enjoy a thorough and extensive range of Visa Signature benefits. Apart from the worldwide acceptance of the Visa card across a number of countries and a 24/7 card member service, the card also offers auto pay, phone pay and “You Pay” (internet) facilities for easy pay options for customers. The card also has the zero fraud liability features which protect cardholders from fraudulent use of the card, and the fraud protection clause which detects any unusual activity on the card. The Visa-specific benefits of the card include the extended warranty feature which doubles the manufacturer’s warranty (under certain conditions) on items purchased with the card. The card also features the purchase protection guarantee which covers new purchases with the card for a period of 90 days against theft and damage. The EastWest Bank Visa Signature Bonus Rewards PLUS Card also has auto rental collision damage insurance which enables cardholders to receive coverage for car rental theft and damage if the rental has been charged to the card and the cardholder has declined the rental company’s collision damage waiver option.

Apart from the above, the EastWest Bank Visa Signature Bonus Rewards PLUS Card features 24/7 travel and emergency assistance features which include medical, legal referrals and transportation assistance, the Visa virtual advisor service for easy management of small businesses and also special discounts with the Visa Savings Edge option. The card also features a host of management benefits such as ease in building a credit history, separating expenses for better record keeping, controlling spending limits on the employee cards, accessing archives for past reports, protection against misuse of the card by terminated employees up to $100,000, and earning handsome travel rewards. Cardholders can check out the detailed list of card features and benefits athttps://online1.elancard.com/oad/catalog/learnMore.controller?productId=89.

Scoring on all fronts

The EastWest Bank Visa Signature Bonus Rewards PLUS Card has 0% introductory 0% APR offer for the first 6 months of the card account being opened by the cardholder. This stands for both purchases as well as balance transfers. After the introductory period a variable APR which presently lies somewhere between 9.99% and 20.99%, will be applicable to the cardholders. The card has an annual fee of $50.

For a fee-based card, the EastWest Bank Visa Signature Bonus Rewards PLUS Card has a very good and appealing rewards structure allowing cardholders to not only earn points fast but also redeem them for the stuff that they want. Yet still, prospective cardholders should look into other competitive options from Chase, Capital One, Citi and other banks to see which card offering suits them the best.

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