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Express credit card Review


If you do a lot of shopping at Express, you may be considering getting your next purchase on credit with the Express credit card. But is it worth it? In our review of the Express credit card, we’ll look at all of the pros and cons involved in using your Express credit card to pick up a whole new wardrobe on credit.

Express credit card Review

Express is a great store for tasteful and relative inexpensive clothing for both men and women. If you’ve shopped their more than a few times, you’ve probably been offered the Express credit card. Express usually has a never-ending rotation of perks that they offer to new applicants of the Express credit card, which is sometimes as much as $100 off your first purchase. The only major drawback to having the Express credit card is that the interest rate is a variable 24.99%, which is a little high, even for retail credit cards. They also encourage spending in perpetuity. It’s hard to find something at Express for just $15, but $15 is a great discount to put towards that $60 shirt, for example. Another drawback to the Express credit card is that, for new cardholder, your first credit limit will be between $250 and $500. That’s not even enough to cover the cost of some of the more expensive items at Express.

Each purchase you make with you Express credit card gets your points for Express Next, the Express loyalty program. Those points can be redeemed for any item from the Express.com website, including gift cards for use in physical stores for those of us who like to try clothes on before we buy them. Each dollar spent with your Express credit card gets you 5 points, so it’s easy to see how quickly cardholders can accumulate a decent amount of points. Another great perk is that new cardholders get a $15 credit after just 2,500 points.

You can pay your credit card bill easily online. With your Express credit card, you will also receive deals and discounts exclusive to cardholders on a frequent basis. Depending on the amount of points you currently have, cardholders also get an Express gift card between $10 to $50 on their birthday. With all of these benefits, the Express credit card definitely has an edge on traditional retail store credit cards.


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