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Fidelity Investment Rewards Card From American Express | Want The Most Points?


The Fidelity Investment Rewards Card from American Express offers more points per dollar spent than almost every other credit card out there. In fact, only the Fidelity AmEx family of cards and 2 others offer this levels of rewards. Now of course there are all the fine print details that will apply, but, put in basic terms, you get 2 points for every dollar you spend, on anything, all the time, period. That’s nice.

There are certain types of transactions, as well as any adjustments, returns and credits that will not rack up any rewards points on your Fidelity Investment Rewards Card From American Express. Also, the 2% cashback rewards redemption value is only valid if you elect to have the redemption value deposited into your eligible Fidelity account (see below). The deposits will occur automatically each month as long as you have accumulated at least 5000 points, the threshold for payouts.

If you do not choose to have the value credited to your Fidelity account, then the reward point redemption values are lessened. How much less? Cardholders will only be told that info when they receive their cards, along with all that extra-fine print in the terms and conditions.

On that note, I find it disturbing that every credit card issuing company that I know of only discloses the “real” terms of the card to customers after they have applied, been approved for and received their cards. All the details that you might want or need to know are given in the Program Guidelines pamphlet that comes with this card.

Regardless of how I feel, the FIA Card Services Fidelity Investment Rewards Card from American Express is still better than most other cards in many respects. Note that there is no sign-up promotion. There’s also no annual fee to worry about paying. The purchase APR is 13.99% and has no super-low introductory rate like many other cards do. If you take a cash advance, the APR on that will be 24.99%. And if you incur any penalty fees, their APR will weigh in at 29.99%.

This Fidelity Investment Rewards Card From American Express also offers its users a 0% APR on all balance transfers initiated within the first 7 months of card ownership. A quick review of the card’s website will show you that cardholders are really loving on this card. Their reviews are pretty much all saying that this is the card to choose for anyone who loves industry-leading rewards combined with absolutely no hassles associated with changing categories, variable rewards rates and the like. Also, customers are bragging about the friendly, helpful customer care they receive when it’s needed.

Fidelity Investment Rewards Card from American Express Fees

  • There are no annual fees.
  • The fee for balance transfers is a straight 4% of the amount (after the first 7 months at 0%).
  • Late payment fees will be “up to” $35.
  • Returned payment fees will be up to $25.

You will need an excellent credit rating of 700 or better to be accepted for the Fidelity Investment Rewards Card From American Express. It offers competitively generous rewards with no annual fees. So you sort of have to expect that its pleasures will be reserved for those who have built the best credit scores. That’s the facts!

Now, assuming that you do have excellent credit, and you do have a linked Fidelity account, and you have been accepted for the Fidelity Investment Rewards Card From American Express, then you can choose to not have your points’ cashback redemption value deposited into your Fidelity account. There are options. Instead, you can opt to redeem your points for eligible merchandise and/or gift certificates. There is no limit to the amount of points you may earn and they will not expire for a full five years. Additionally, you may choose to redeem your points for travel, never having to worry about blackout dates. There are none.

You can also elect to have your 2% cashback from your Fidelity Investment Rewards Card from American Express deposited into you Fidelity Cash Management Account, 529 Account, Brokerage Account and/or Retirement Account. Further, when applicable, your family members, like aunts, grandparents and cousins, can all contribute to same account for maximal earnings and benefits. You and your family members can join together to contribute to as many as five different Fidelity-managed accounts.

Other benefits of the American Express Fidelity Investment Rewards Card:

  • Superior customer services available 24 hours every day;
  • A Zero-Liability protection clause against fraudulent purchases;
  • Recovery services for victims of identity theft;
  • Emergency traveling services including car rental insurance, luggage insurance, roadside assistance and more;
  • Retail purchases protection insurance;

The credit card world is vast and can be quite confusing. Sometimes it seems that actuaries from card issuing companies compete with one another to see who can construct the most elusively enticing rewards structures, leaving customers to wallow in misery while trying to understand the terms and conditions of the cards they may be applying for. And I guess that’s the beauty of theFidelity Investment Rewards Card From American Express: simplicity. I don’t want to get 1.5% cashback on office supplies and 2% on groceries this month – and then get 1% on office supplies and 3% on gasoline for the next month. I just want a straight approach, and this card provides that.

And then we must consider that it’s more than just the straight-shooting nature of this lone wolf Fidelity Investment Rewards Card From American Express that makes it a winner; it’s the fact that it’s almost untouched in terms of what it returns to cardholders for their loyal usage. For complete details, please visit the Fidelity/AmEx card website.

I’m applying today for this card! I seriously doubt if I’ll get accepted, but who knows? It has one of the best rewards program structures available on the market today. Sure, it would be easy to dream up a different card that would be better. We could begin by making it a straight 3% cashback value instead! However, that is not going to happen any time soon, if ever. So it’s best to enjoy the best of what is actually available – and with very few exceptions, that’s the FIA Card Services Fidelity Investment Rewards Card from American Express.

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