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Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Card – Rewards Plus MasterCard Benefits


Today, the significance of a credit card for some people goes beyond its regular uses. For such choosy folks, the Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Card offered by the Fifth Third Bank, which is the principal subsidiary of the holding company Fifth Third Bancorp, is a perfect fit. This card especially allows cardholders to earn specific and special rewards for making their normal, regular purchases that they would have made irrespective of the kind of credit card they have. “Making every day your day” – such is the promise of this MasterCard rewards credit card offering.

The nitty-gritties of the Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Card

The rewards earned by customers of Fifth Third Bank are popularly known as Real Life Rewards. The Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Card has a very good rewards program, allowing cardholders to earn unlimited points purchasing everyday goods such as groceries and gas, and allowing them to redeem for a wide range of things. Cardholders are eligible to earn 2x reward points for every $1 that they spend purchasing groceries, gas and at discount stores. They also earn 1x points for every $1 they spend on all other purchases made by the card. The card allows cardholders to redeem these accumulated points for everyday and special occasions and pleasures such as gift cards for special occasions, a movies night with the family or dinners with friends. Cardholders can even use these points towards the down-payment of any loan gotten with the Fifth Third Bank. Since there is no cap on the amount of reward points that cardholders can earn, this Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Card program allows them to accumulate points to use them whenever it suits them. The points expire after a period of 3 years, which means that the points earned for valid for upto 3 years. However, the bank allows cardholders to combine points from all of the Fifth Third credit cards they own, allowing them to reach their redemption goals and levels faster. Customers are even eligible to earn extra 10% bonus points on the Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Card if they deposit the rewards into either a 529 savings account or a Goal Setter Savings Account. Cardholders can also redeem points for contributions to many other Fifth Third Bank accounts as well, including credit payments, installment loans, mortgage loan payments, individual retirement accounts, and savings accounts. Cardholders can redeem their points at www.53.com.

The Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Card is a no-annual fee card and comes with a plethora of other loaded benefits that are enjoyed by MasterCard owners world over. The MasterCard Priceless Cities feature allows cardholders access to one-of-a-kind and once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like VIP seats and treatment at sports events, premium seats t exclusive shows and special reservations at restaurants; all these reserved specially and only for these MasterCard cardholders. Cardholders can learn more about this exclusive feature at www.53.com/pricelesscities. Cardholders also have access to MasterCard’s Global Services which provides cardholders with emergency medical, travel and ticket reservations services in any part of the world, and in any language. The MasterCard Zero Liability feature covers cardholders in case any unsanctioned purchases are made with the Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Card. The Master Rental insurance ensures added protection from damages or theft in case of rental cars which are purchased through the card. The Purchase assurance protection feature covers cardholders and reimburses them for the items bought and stolen or damaged within the first 3 months of it being purchased. The travel accident insurance of $1,000,000 covers cardholders and their dependents and the travel assistance services offer 24/7 toll-free assistance to them for help with general travel requirements, emergency cash, legal and medical care, and even stolen or lost luggage. The cellular phone protection feature protects cardholders against theft and/or damages to cell phones (plus two additional phones) listed on the card’s billing statement.

The price protection feature is probably the standout perk in the Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Card offering, as it reimburses cardholders for the price difference between an item bought with the card and a cheaper option within the first 4 months of the item’s initial purchase. Cardholders also have access to complimentary24/7 online bill payments and internet banking. The exclusive concierge services enjoyed by this card’s holders include exclusive access to travel planning and tickets, restaurant reservations, entertainment venues and unique dining options.

One of the key features of the Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Card is the Introductory APR of 0% on balance transfers and purchases both for the first 12 months (12 billing cycles) of the cardholders having opened their accounts with the bank. Thereafter, a variable APR interest rate ranging from 12.99%–23.99% is applicable to all cardholders, and the exact rate depends on the review of the credit history and the cardholder’s application.

The cons of the card

Inspite of its extensive and well-endowed rewards and perks program, the Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Card has its downsides.

Big ticket and big spender cardholders have the options of better rewards which are more attractive than the Fifth third Bank Real Life Rewards Card. For example, with the Blue Cash Card from American Express, cardholders can crank up their reward rates by a considerable notch from 0.5% to 1.25%, along with a 5% back on groceries and gas, after they have spent $6,500 in a year. So any customer spending more than $6,500 annually is better off with the Blue Cash Credit Card.

This card also does not have a sign up bonus unlike other no-fee cards such as Bank Ameri card Cash Rewards Credit Card, the Chase Freedom Credit Card and the American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card. Moreover with so many options available under one program, it takes a good amount of time to do research and zero down on one card that suits you the most.

Nevertheless, the wide variety of options available, the multiple avenues to earn points and the extensive rewards program with world-class MasterCard benefits makes the Fifth Third Bank Real Life Rewards Card worth a try.

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