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Fifth Third Bank


Fifth Third Bank is also known as the “Curious Bank” and no wonder, considering its name. Fifth Third Bank credit cards are attractive to many consumers, but the bank is most notable for sponsoring Dave Ramsey’s foundation promoting financial curricula and responsibility for teens. Fifth Third Bank’s sponsorship enables educators at the high school level to instruct students regarding their financial future. The sponsorship of Fifth Third Bank gives the Ramsey Foundation outreach to over 400,000 students. In addition, Fifth Third Bank provides services in Midwestern and Southern states, ranging from Illinois to Florida, North Carolina to Kentucky.

Types of Fifth Third Bank Credit Cards

Fifth Third Bank credit cards come in a wide variety of options and types. A handful of the most common include:

• Cash Rewards MasterCard
• Platinum MasterCard
• Professional MasterCard
• Homeowner’s PLUS Value card
• DUO card
• Fifth Third Preferred card
• Visa Signature card
• World Elite MasterCard

Fifth Third Bank credit cards range from those that offer rewards and sponsorships to movements such as cancer research, cards with rewards, and specialty cards. With five options when it comes to credit cards with rewards, and five specialty cards, consumers certainly have a choice when it comes to rewards and benefits programs.


A wide range of benefits are associated with Fifth Third Bank credit cards. Some of the key benefits of these cards include concierge services, travel assistance services, special introductory rates on purchases and balance transfers, and more. For example, the Fifth Third Preferred card (MasterCard) offers double real-life rewards so that you can accrue points for gas and grocery purchases, restaurant and travel purchases, and no international transaction fees, coupled with premium travel benefits.

The Cash Rewards MasterCard offers cashback on everyday purchases. The Homeowners Plus Value card gives you the opportunity to enjoy rewards that can be applied toward paying down your mortgage payments. For example, when you accrue 2,500 points, a homeowner receives a statement credit in the amount of $25 that is applied to their mortgage principal.

Fifth Third Bank offers over ten credit cards that provide a variety of benefits, perks, and rewards options.

Annual Rates and Fees

The annual rates and fees for Fifth Third Bank credit cards depend on which card you have. APRs will not exceed 29.99%, unless of course, you’re late in paying your bill, in which case, a penalty APR of 29.99% will be attached to your card for an indeterminate time frame. The same applies for the DUO MasterCard and this range of APRs is pretty standard with most of the Fifth Third Bank credit cards.

Annual Fees

Some of the Fifth Third Bank credit cards don’t have any annual fees, but some do. For example, the World Elite MasterCard has an annual fee of $300, but that annual fee is waived if you happen to be a client of Fifth Third Private Bank. There are no annual fees attached to the Real Life Rewards credit card, or the Platinum MasterCard. Because of the wide variety of Fifth Third Bank credit cards available, it pays to compare the cards side-by-side to determine key benefits, interest rates, and fees.

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