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First National Bank Graphite American Express Card – Up to 3% Cash Back?


Getting approved for an American Express card is almost like having a passport to an exclusive rewards club. The First National Bank Graphite American Express Card will give you that cherished feeling of exclusivity. This card begins rewarding you as soon you make your first purchase. This card features three different tiers of rewards. The top tier pays out 3% in cash back rewards for purchases made at participating airlines. The next tier guarantees 2% in cash back rewards for grocery and gas purchases. The bottom tier gives the consumer 1% in cash back rewards for all other purchases. All of these types of purchases accumulate throughout the course of the year and the result is a hefty cash back rewards check.

Highlights of the First National Bank Graphite American Express

  • No Annual Fee for the 1st Year
  • 0% APR on New Purchases and Balance Transfers for 12 Months
  • Earn Cash Back Rewards on 3 Different Tiers
  • Receive Exclusive Travel Offers
  • Auto and Travelers Insurance Policies Included
  • Extended Warranty Protection on Retail Products

Designed Around Your Lifestyle

This First National Bank Graphite American Express card was designed with budget conscious people in mind. In addition to getting cash back on stuff you would normally purchase anyways, First National Bank of Omaha has extended a 12 month 0% introductory APR onto this offer. The annual fee has been waived for the first year and the fee is only $99 per year after the introductory period. Once that time has lapsed, the APR will stay between 13.99% and 19.99%. Your rate will be determined using your credit background.

Key Advantages of being a Cardholder

Being a member has its advantages and you will be able to utilize all of the following benefits just for being accepted as a new First National Bank Graphite American Express member:

Exclusive Travel Perks – By becoming a member, you will qualify for special discounts on airfare, hotel, car rentals, cruise line packages and more.

Premium Amex Concierge – Have you been in a big city and needed to know a quick recommendation for a place to have dinner? As an Amex member, this information is a quick phone call away. If you are busy with clients, you can’t afford to take time away from your schedule to look up places to eat. Let Amex Premium Concierge take care of your every booking or research need.

Annual Domestic Airline Travel Companion Ticket – Just for being a loyal member, you will be rewarded each year with a companion ticket aboard a domestic airline as long as you purchase the original ticket using your card. Having the ability to get such a steep discount on domestic flights once a year makes this a marquis perk of having this credit card inside your wallet.

Auto Rental Insurance – When you book an auto rental, the company tends to charge you a premium to purchase their insurance policy. When you have the First National Bank Graphite American Express, you will be able to waive that policy and utilize the policy provided by this credit card. This in itself could save you a lot of money on travel expenses.

Using this Card to Fund Your Life could Reap Rewards

The cash back rewards payout structure has been designed for families, businesses or organizations to utilize this First National Bank Graphite American Express as a method of getting the most buying power out of their dollar. This card is geared more towards to the middle class professional in the fact that it provides so many travel amenities and assurances such as travel accident insurance. The card encapsulates all consumers by offering Amex’s Purchase Protection plan that protects you in case you get defective equipment. Amex gives you extended warranty protection on all retail items purchased using this card. Terms and conditions may apply.

The bottom line is that First National Bank of Omaha and American Express want you to be happy and confident about the purchases you make with this card. When you think about it in that light, having a First National Bank Graphite American Express Card in your wallet is a liberating experience as a consumer. You are completely protected from fraud and defective retail items that sometimes find their way onto store shelves. If you booked a trip using this card and you get sick, you won’t have to worry about paying excessive fees for not being able to make your accommodations.

Using this card to pay off or consolidate your existing credit card debt is a brilliant idea. This card features a 3% balance transfer fee where as other cash back rewards cards offer a 4% balance transfer fee. That 1% can add up to a lot of cash if you are consolidating large amounts on this one card.

Additional Points to Consider about the First National Bank Graphite American Express

The First National Bank Graphite American Express card is an attractive edition to your wallet. Its stunning black exterior alongside the crisp blue American Express logo make the card aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The low variable interest rate you will pay after the introductory period is also an attractive feature about this card. Managing your debt wisely is essential to maximizing your spending strength. Having this card will only embolden yourself as a powerful consumer.

The Need to Know Info

When you go to redeem your cash back rewards with this program, you will need to redeem them in $25 increments. You can request that a check be mailed to you or you can request a credit onto your balance. The absolute worst thing you could do after applying for this offer is make a late payment. Your interest rate could jump up to 29.99% APR. You would also incur a $35 late penalty fee. You will not have to worry about this because American Express cards are typically for people who have more established credit histories.

This card could be your go-to card for all of your shopping, travel and debt management needs. American Express is accepted all over the globe and this card will be the tool you can utilize that will keep all of you spending under roof while reaping the cash back rewards. Does the First National Bank Graphite American Express Card sound right for you? You are invited to submit your credit application for this offer today.

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