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First National Bank Maximum Rewards Visa Card – Combining Benefits?


When it comes to the plethora of credit cards that are available to prospective cardholders, some credit cards offer great introductory rates but not a great rewards program. Yet there are other credit cards which have a decent rewards program but don’t quite have the introductory APR that cardholders hope to have. In most cases, cardholders need to have to make a decision and a trade-off between both the benefits and choose one card with only one set of benefits necessarily. However, cardholders have another option now instead of having to just settle for one and turn their attention towards the card that addresses both the benefits— the First National Bank Maximum Rewards Visa Card; it’s a reward credit card that also has an introductory 0% APR credit card rate.

First National Bank Maximum Rewards Visa card – The Good Aspects

The First National Bank Maximum Rewards Visa Card is issued by the First National Bank of Omaha; which is also the largest privately owned bank in the United States, a major player in the credit card industry and is also among the top 3 banks which services credit cards for retailers and financial institutions. One of the best features of this card is its rewards program. The wide range of benefits offered by the rewards program of the First National Bank Maximum Rewards Visa Card are pretty generous and flexible – cardholders are entitled to earn 1 point for every $1 that they spend in qualifying purchases.

There is also no limit to the number of points that cardholders can earn on this card, which are redeemable for a variety of things and purchases. The choices for rewards include a plethora of things such as travel on any major United States airline, merchandise or even gift cards. Since there’s no cap on the points to be potentially earned, the points can be built up by cardholders in case they want to save up for certain specific rewards, allowing them to make the best use of the points accumulated in the way they desire. Moreover, the First National Bank Maximum Rewards Visa Card also doesn’t have any annual fee in a market where a lot of rewards cards seem to have some sort of annual or membership fee. All cardholders need to do is they need to prove that their credit history doesn’t have any bankruptcies and that they’re timely in bill payments in order to sign up for this card. The card also has a flat reward rate of 0.77%.

The First National Bank Maximum Rewards Visa Card also has the option of 0% introductory financing for an initial period. To start out, new cardholders can enjoy purchases with a 0% APR for the first 6 months of them opening up an account. The 0% introductory rate is also applicable to balance transfers for the initial 12 months of the cardholders opening their accounts. After the initial period comes to an end, the card moves to a regular variable rate APR of around 13.99% – 19.99% and is based on the credit health and creditworthiness of the cardholder. The card also has a foreign transaction fee of 3% on transactions outside the U.S., like most other reward cards. Apart from the above, the First National Bank Maximum Rewards Visa Card also has a purchase protection clause for the items bought with it, which covers the cardholder from any liability if such item is accidentally damaged or stolen. The card also has an extended warranty option, which covers exactly an additional year over what the original U.S. warranty of the item covers. The card also covers auto rental and travel accident insurance. Under this, cardholders are covered for damage to rental vehicles due to theft or collision up to the actual cash value. They are also covered for common carrier accidental dismemberment or death when both the above charges are charged to the First National Bank Maximum Rewards Visa Card, and both are done at no extra cost. Last but not the least, the card also carries the “Zero Liability” protection for the cardholders, that is, their 24X7 guarantee that cardholders will not be held liable for fraudulent or unauthorized charges made with the card or the account information.

The not-so-good aspects of the card

The card, although a sufficiently feel-good rewards card overall, does not have any specific stand out benefits. Moreover the 0% introductory APR in the first year is a huge plus point for the card and very well makes up for the lack of any sizable rewards that this card offers. However the biggest drawback of the First National Bank Maximum Rewards Visa Card is that the accumulated points have an expiry date, unlike most other reward cards which allow for points accumulation of as much as the cardholders can amass sans any expiration period. The points on this card expire on a first-in, first-out basis on the 31st of December of the fourth year after the year in which the points were awarded. This puts a pressure on cardholders to not only keep track of which and how many points were earned when but also to put them to use before they expire.

Even with its drawbacks, the First National Bank Maximum Rewards Visa Card is a pretty good reward-cum-low APR card and is one of the few of its kind of cards to combine the benefits of both into one card. Check out more details on the First National Bank’s website. Moreover the choices for redemption of points, the absence of a cap on the points to be earned potentially and the absence of an annual fee make this reward card a pretty competitive one when compared to the others in the market, and this card is a good way to get rewards by simply using it and paying off other high interest credit cards. In the end, prospective cardholders should carefully analyze all options available and then zero in on a credit card.

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