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What is the cheapest way to use miles or points earned to fly to Europe?


If you plan to fly to Europe for the holidays then you’ve come to the right place. There are numerous ways you can put your vacation plans to action and we’re here to walk you through the cheapest way. Being a responsible credit card user, you probably have a lot of hotel points and airline miles saved up which allow you to travel at a fraction of the usual fare.

Cheapest airlines to fly to Europe on

American Airlines

What you will get

Though it might not be the most ideal flying experience it sure is a cost efficient one. It tops our list because as compared to other flights, American Airlines costs you significantly less. If you’re looking for the cheapest way to fly to Europe at any time of the year then this is your best option. For example, if a particular flight were to cost you 60,000 miles on another airline, a round trip on American Airlines will cost you 40,000 miles during off peak times. Another big advantage is that it allows you to stop off in a gateway city. What this means for you is that on your way to Europe you can also stopover in New York!

How to get it

In order to make use of this cost efficient package to fly to Europe you will need an AAdvantage Platinum Select World MasterCard / CitiBusiness. These credit cards will reward you with American Airline AAdvantage bonus miles amounting to 30,000 in total. You will receive this once you’ve made a purchase of $1,000 in three months of opening your account.

US Airways

What you will get

Similar to American Airlines, US Airways also offers off peak rewards to their customers within a specific time frame. For example, if you want to fly to Europe from North America you can travel between a time frame (specified by US Airways which is usually one and a half month long) for only 35,000 miles. The bottom line is that if your travel plans line up with US Airways’ off peak time frame then this travel package is suitable for you.

How to get it

To make use of this tremendous offer what you will have to do is sign up for US Airways’ AAdvantage Aviator credit card. This particular credit card offers its consumers rewards on not only US Airways but American Airlines as well.

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