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Best Credit Card For Free Airline Tickets


For the avid traveler looking to spend less, credit card reward points can be your ticket to free flights around the world. As crazy as this sounds, it’s possible! These days it is easier than ever to capitalize on credit card rewards points that let you get free airline tickets. What this means is that, through everyday purchases, cardholders can actively saving up for their next vacation. However, its hard to know which credit card gives you the best deals to get free airline tickets. After weeks of painstaking research, I found that the best deal was actually a combination of two credit cards: The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and the Chase Freedom Card.

How This Two Card System Gets You Free Airline Tickets?

The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card has no foreign transaction fees. Cardholders can also transfer points to mileage at a 1:1 ratio to airline such as MileagePlus, British Airways Executive Club, Korean Air Skypass, Southwest Rapid Rewards, and Virgin Atlantic Flyingclub. This bypasses a major problem that Airline Branded credit cards with not allowing cardholders points to transfer anywhere other than the Airline the card is affiliated with. With the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, cardholders can comb through all the different airlines to get the free airline tickets for the least amount of points.

Everyday Purchases Helps Save For Your Next Vacation.

Chase is also very generous in what they consider travel purchases. Anything from paying for gas to eating at a restaurant will earn Chase Sapphire Preferred Cardholders two points for every dollar they spend. Cardholders also earn one points per dollar with every other purchase. Almost all purchases will be made with the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, while the Chase Freedom Card plays bigger role depending on what is featured during each financial quarter. The Chase Freedom Card grants cardholder 5% cash back on different items depending on the financial quarter. For example, in 2014, getting gas would grant cardholders 5% cash back during the summer and 5% cash back on Amazon items during the winter. The trick with the Chase Freedom Card is to accumulate points, but never get cash back. 10,000 points will equal to only 100 dollars cash back, whereas keeping the same amount of points and transferring them to the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card can get a free airline ticket that’s worth two-hundred to three-hundred dollars.


The Chase Sapphire Preferred Card and the Chase Freedom Card together create the best deals for getting free airline tickets. Just by signing up for both cards alone, gives cardholders the potential to get 55,000 points. With 55,000 points, that can easily be turned into a round trip ticket from Chicago to Spain. If there were any downsides to these cards it would be that the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is only free up to the first year. After that, cardholders have to pay an annual fee of ninety-five dollars. The Chase Freedom Card is a free card. With ability to transfer points into mileage at a 1:1 ratio to any of the handful of airlines that the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card is associated with and the ability to accumulate points at a fast rate, this two card system is gives cardholders the best way to get virtually a limitless amount of free airline tickets just for going about their daily lives.

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