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GE Capital Retail Bank Briggs & Stratton Credit Card – Mowing Down The American Dream?


The GE Capital Retail Bank Briggs & Stratton Credit Card is designed to move home and garden equipment. It makes that possible by relying on the retail financial tricks that have done so much to drive the American Dream, and also to wreck it. You can use this card to finance motorized mowers, pumps or generators as your need requires. Once you make the purchase, Briggs & Stratton gets paid. From that point on, it’s GE Capital Retail Bank that you are dealing with.

This is both good and bad. You get the utility of having the utensils to manage as many acres of yard space as you want. The price comes when you have pay the financial charges on the back end, month-by-month. So, if you want to get into Briggs & Stratton this card will certainly help you do it. However, the smart power mower user will make arrangements to clear the loan balance as rapidly as possible.

Enabling The American Dream With The GE Capital Retail Bank Briggs & Stratton Credit Card

If you’re a home owner or a gardener there are a lot of things that you might want to buy from GE Capital Retail Bank Briggs & Stratton. It’s a part of the American dream to have the kind of home in the suburbs or country that requires that you have machines to do the chores. It’s also a point of pride for many people to be able to show the neighbors just how well equipped and competent in the outdoor home environment they are.

Briggs & Stratton have been a force to reckon with in the world of lawnmowers, snow blowers and other outdoor small engine products. They help you to save labor and your back in all seasons of the year. The home and garden market for these types of equipment are huge and it helps to get you in the game if you can finance your pride and joy from the supplier. It also helps them if they can make it easier for you to join their team than that of direct competitors such as Honda.

Briggs & Stratton Help You Take Pride in Your Green Acres

GE Capital Retail Bank is a big player in the retail store credit card market. Their parent company, the giant-among-giants conglomerate, General Electric, has been in the financial services market for a very long time. Many of the branded store credit cards from retailers are underwritten and managed by GE Capital Retail Bank. This wing of GE was bought in from MetLife, who sold off their stake in the banking market when the market turned sour.

So it’s a good point to keep in mind that once you make purchases and carry a balance on the GE Capital Retail Bank Briggs & Stratton Credit Card, it’s GE Capital Retail Bank with whom you will be dealing. Therefore, once you have your Briggs & Stratton Credit Card up and running, it is General Electric that you will be dealing with through their Website and customer service team.

Many companies have chosen to outsource their financial activities and loan portfolios in this way. Quite simply, it looks good on a balance sheet. The retailer gets an immediate payment for purchases made on financial terms, the finance company gets some pretty juicy business and everybody on that side of the equation sticks to the things that they are best at. This should provide better service more credit and less cost. For you, as a consumer, hopefully it means you can fund more purchases that that you need, you get more competitive terms and more responsive customer service. It all looks very good on paper.

The Cost of Outsourcing In The Age of Customer Service

The APR for the GE Capital Retail Bank Briggs & Stratton Credit Card is high at 24.99%. More ominously, GE Capital Retail Bank has been reviewed as having very poor customer service skills. The benefit of outsourcing financial services really seems to come down to cost. As they say, you get what you pay for. When there are so many different cards being managed by the bank it’s not surprising that service comes down to the lowest common denominator.

If you really need a new piece of lawn equipment or a snow blower to dig out this winter you might want to look carefully at all of your options. With such high APR on the GE Capital Retail Bank Briggs & Stratton Credit Card and no particular offers at the time of writing this, you need to look closely at what all of your alternatives are. If you can find another way you should take it. However if you still feel that there’s a need that’s unmet by other funding sources then, as a last resort, use the GE Capital Retail Bank Briggs & Stratton Credit Card as a short-term solution and either transfer your balance at the first opportunity or pay it off at the fastest possible rate.

It’s very easy to get lost in the corporate bureaucracy that is General Electric. For example, GE Capital Retail Bank is not the same as GE Capital Bank. They also have a wide variety of cards that they manage from Banana Republic to Walmart. So you will be dealing with a huge and disinterested bank. That’s not an issue until something out of the ordinary happens.

The problem with high APR cards, like the GE Capital Retail Bank Briggs & Stratton Credit Card, is that consumers often end up just making the minimum payment. By the time the balance is cleared, the largest portion of everything you’ve paid has gone to interest. The best plan with high APR cards is to first look carefully at the alternatives. If you do decide that the GE Capital Retail Bank Briggs & Stratton Credit Card will get you the equipment you need to whip your lawn into shape or dig out of an epic snowfall then make that the first part of a tow part transaction.

In Summary

If you use the GE Capital Retail Bank Briggs & Stratton Credit Card strategically, the second part of the plan would be to pay off the balance as fast as possible. Whether that is by making large principle payments or transferring the balance, you need to get it away from that high interest rate. Don’t fall into the trap of minimum payments. By treating it as a credit facility that enables you to make important purchases in the short term, the GE Capital Retail Bank Briggs & Stratton Credit Card is adequate enough but not for the long term.

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