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GE Capital Retail Bank Dillard’s American Express Card | Like AmEx Benefits?


When you shop with the GE Capital Retail Bank Dillard’s American Express Card, you’ll be earning Dillard’s Rewards Points with every purchase. This card also has a list of passive benefits that are presented by AmEx to make your life simpler and safer. Unlike several of this line of branded credit cards from GE Capital Retail Bank, this one actually has some value to offer its cardholders. Let’s just hope that we find it to have excellent customer service too – because it’s always customer service that either breaks the camel’s back (as credit cards go), or makes it shine.

Rewards Program for the GE Capital Retail Bank Dillard’s American Express Card

  • You earn 1 Point for each dollar you spend, anywhere in the world that AmEx is accepted;
  • You earn 2 Points for each dollar you spend at Dillard’s;
  • When you accumulate 1500 Points, you get your redemption choice between a $10 certificate for Dillard’s merchandise – or a 10% Shopping Pass;
  • If you open a new account, and spend at least $100, you get a 10% Off Welcome Shopping Pass;
  • You get free shipping when you make purchases at dillards.com;
  • You always get free gift wrapping services when shopping in Dillard’s locations;
  • You get priority treatment whenever in Dillard’s customer service lines;

If you spend at least $5,000 in a year with your Dillard’s American Express Card, you get your choice of a “getaway” reward. You get to choose between spa trips, golfing outings or travel. You receive your reward certificate in the mail. It takes about 5 weeks from the time you claim it online.

Included benefits of the Dillard’s American Express Card:

Being a full-fledged AmEx card, the GE Capital Retail Bank Dillard’s American Express Card has a load of automatic features and benefits included. There’s shopping, travel and other perks that work together to make your life a little easier and protected. These benefits add real value that should be considered. Many other credit cards offer none. Here are the main ones:

  • Extended Warranty Protection automatically doubles the standard warranty coverage on all US-made products. Maximum extended coverage is one year. So, if the product you buy comes with a 1-year standard warranty, you will have 2 years of coverage.
  • Most items that you purchase will be covered with Retail Purchase Protection which reimburses you for any purchases that are stolen or damaged within 90 days of purchase.
  • There are Emergency Travel Benefits included like trip advice, medical care, legal assistance and additional life insurance coverage.
  • You may use the Cash Assess feature at more than 600,000 ATMs worldwide.
  • You are allowed to use the services of more than 2200 AmEx Travel Services locations.

Transaction Fees and APRs for the GE Capital Retail Bank Dillard’s American Express Card

There are 2 “tiers” associated with the Dillard’s American Express Card. A lot of credit cards are doing this, allowing them to caster to a larger audience of potential cardmembers, and therefore profit more from those ever-handy transaction fees. It is the interest charges and the transaction fees that generate all that profit for credit card issuers. Imagine getting $10 every time one of your thousands and thousands of cardholder takes a little cash advance.;. Here are the APRs:

  • APR for purchases and balance transfers for Tier 1 is 13.24% (not bad);
  • APR for purchases and balance transfers for Tier 2 is 21.99%;
  • APR for cash advances for Tiers 1 and 2 is 26.99%;
  • Minimum interest charge is $2;
  • Minimum of 23 days grace each billing statement;

Transaction Fees for the Dillard’s American Express Card

  • Balance transfers cost either $10 or 4% of each transaction, whichever is more.
  • Cash advances also cost the greater between $10 and 4% of each transaction;
  • Foreign transactions cost a straight 3%;
  • Returned and/or late payments will incur $35 fees;

Information about the GE Capital Retail Bank Dillard’s American Express Card

Well, actually this is information about every credit card in existence; not just the Dillard’s American Express Card. You see, credit card issuers have to compete with other like entities. They have to come up with ways and means to entice potential credit cardholders to choose their cards over the cards of their competition. That’s obvious. But what’s at stake for them? What do these credit card companies gain? Answer: huge profits!

Think about all the money that is generated from the endless amounts of transactions being initiated all over the planet with these cards. Every time someone hits the ATM. Every time a purchase is made. Every time someone transfers funds. It’s an endless cycle of profit – and that’s exactly why there are so many credit cards out there to choose from. Now, here’s how they really get us:

By supersaturating the credit card market, members of society in general are slowly and thoroughly brainwashed to accept the standards of the industry without question. These companies demand that you have really good credit, so they know you are a viable revenue generating unit fr them. They know that you take your credit seriously – and they count on you feeling nervous about even missing a single payment. As decades pass, and nobody questions their operational standards, we become blind to the fact that 3% here, $10 there and another 4% over there, happening constantly, all over the planet – IS NOT FAIR!

The fact is that credit card companies, all of them, are ripping cardholders off at all times – and having them compete for the “privilege”! To get complete info on all the facts about this card, please visit its website here.

Overall, the GE Capital Retail Bank Dillard’s American Express Card isn’t that bad. It offers more than most cards in its class, and it is backed by Am Ex, which is nice. Its fees and APRs are a bit lower than much of the competition. Its passive benefits outshine the majority of other cards, many of which offer few to none. If you have credit merit to get approved at the Tier 1 level, then this card is sure to serve you well – as it goes.


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