GE Capital Retail Bank Rooms To Go Credit Card | Where’s The Benefits?


When I began researching the GE Capital Retail Bank Rooms To Go Credit Card, I had high hopes. I have always had a slightly upscale attitude and appreciate the reputation of quality that Rooms To Go represents. Maybe I was confusing it Pier 1 Imports, or maybe Bed-n-Bath, or something else – because what I found was not upscale at all. It wasn’t even impressive, made me feel cheap. Rooms To Go presents their store credit card as a powerful, money-saving tool that “…helps you buy what you need without using your major credit cards.”.

But is that better? Maybe it would be a lot better to use a major card. To find out for sure, I practiced due diligence as a writer and researched every reputable web resource that fit the keyword phrase “GE Capital Retail Bank Rooms To Go Credit Card”. The following is what I uncovered about this highly unremarkable card:

Firstly, the GE Capital Retail Bank Rooms To Go Credit Card is good for use at more than 100 store locations in the southeastern US. Now you have to think about the real reasons a furniture company would enter the credit card market. Well, let me give you a hint. It’s the same reason that every company does it: to generate huge profits through outrageous interest charges. In fact, the GE Capital Retail Bank suite of co-branded store-based credit cards (including cards for Walmart, DICK’S, Modell’s, different universities, and more) have all been issued for the generation of profits – not for the convenience and rewarding of their loyal customers.

Now after a brief intro paragraph, the website declares that the GE Capital Retail Bank Rooms To Go Credit Card has “lots of advantages” that come with it. The first of which they say is the blessings you receive from paying for your services and merchandise directly, with no “middle man” involved. What does that mean: middle man? In this case, I guess that would mean an outside financing option, maybe like a major credit card with better rates. Hmm.

Anyway, the next “advantage” that the GE Capital Retail Bank Rooms To Go Credit Card apparently presents is the ability for RTG customers to place their orders online. They say that saves their customers time, and that it’s awfully convenient for them. They say that this is superior to shopping via a catalog – or over the phone. Seriously? That’s the big lead point? That’s the first great advantage they offer to entice potential applicants? I guess I don’t get it. Yes, of course every business offers an online portal. This is 2014, not 1992.

Next, the GE Capital Retail Bank Rooms To Go Credit Card website lays down what they claim to be “one of the best advantages”. I was stunned when I found out what it is. OK, OK – I’ll spill the beans. It’s that every approved cardmember of the GE Capital Retail Bank Rooms To Go Credit Card is automatically enrolled in the Rooms to Go online program. This program (that apparently lacks any real name) is said to offer cardholders the “…ability to buy products now and pay later, or pay over a certain period”. Yep; that’s it. That’s the big news. Wow.

I want more from the GE Capital Retail Bank Rooms To Go Credit Card. I mean what about the passive, automatic and generous benefits and features offered by so many other cards. Does this cards offer any enticements like Travel Accident Insurance? What about Car Rental Insurance? How about Warranty Extension protection services? Let us see…

Promotions and Terms of the GE Capital Retail Bank Rooms To Go Credit Card

So, I did some more digging and uncovered some goodies. If you sign up for and are approved for the GE Capital Retail Bank Rooms To Go Credit Card right now, then you’ll get 0% interest until March of 2018. This offer is for new accounts only and only applies to purchases of at least $499.99. This offer stands until January 31, 2014. All new accounts are subject to a hefty 29.99% APR for purchases.

For those who already have GE or TD accounts, different promotional conditions are in place. Basically, the promotion end date is set for 2017 for existing accounts. Please visit the website for full details. It’s tough to find anything substantial to report about this card. It basically features high rates, limited usage potential and, judging by the sheer number of negative customer reviews, very poor customer service standards. And coincidentally, there were only 2 positive reviews I found. I don’t place a lot of faith in online reviews anyway, but you can tell when someone is talking the truth. These reviewers were livid!

But I believe that’s it. Besides the fact that there will be $35 fees assessed for late and returned payments, the GE Capital Retail Bank Rooms To Go Credit Card offers nothing else to speak of. There are no fees for cash advances, balance transfers, foreign transaction or anything else because you can’t initiate any of those types of transaction with this impotent card. You can use it to buy merchandise at Rooms to Go. That’s all you can do with it. And there’s no rewards points in place. You get nothing in terms of cash back, credit, gift certificates or even an occasional special discount for being a highly valued cardholder. Nada para tu; nothing for you.

Note that I am in no way connected to this or any other credit card save for the sole purpose of researching and reviewing them. I have no bias toward the GE Capital Retail Bank Rooms To Go Credit Card; it’s simply not impressive. Other credit cards compete to entice their prospective customers with beneficial extras that make life easier. All that this card provides is online access to manage your account – like that’s anything special at all. Overall, there’s no reason to get this card except for some strange sense of Rooms to Go nostalgia.

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