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Hancock Bank Visa Classic Card – Greater Purchasing Power?


The Hancock Bank Visa Classic card claims to have more purchasing power than competitors. Whether you’re looking for that purchasing power or convenience, this card claims to have both, but only you can make that determination after reading through the benefits as well as the terms and conditions applicable to this card. We’ll start with some of the highlights.

Hancock Bank Visa Classic Card Highlights

A Hancock Bank Visa Classic credit card doesn’t charge any annual fees, and boasts worldwide access to cash, a zero liability policy, and eligibility for the Hancock Points Plus Program, a rewards program associated with the card. Further research into the Hancock’s Point Plus Program illustrates a variety of perks.

The Hancock Bank Visa Classic card Points Plus Program enables cardholders to earn points for all eligible transactions. Earned points can be redeemed for a variety of products and services that include:

  •  Gift cards -gift cards are available from dozens of major national retailers and vendors
  • Travel packages- (enjoy $100, or $1,000 discounts off cruises)
  • Vacation packages – range from beach resorts to specific domestic cities, ski vacations, as well as all-inclusive dream vacations
  • Access to travel agencies and agents
  • Home entertainment products and services
  • Movies and dinners – for DVD purchases and restaurant dining options
  • Merchandise that ranges from anything from electronics to sporting goods, home décor and more

Card members can log in or sign up to research information regarding all the above rewards available through this rewards program, or call the customer service representative to gather more detailed information as well as to redeem rewards.

How do you Earn Points? 

Card holders can earn one reward point for every dollar spent on eligible transactions.  According to terminology on the Hancock Bank website, eligible purchases are those made with your Visa card where no personal identification number (PIN) is used.  However, some transactions are not eligible for earning points. Such include any gaming related purchases; cash advance transactions, money order purchases, travelers checks, or cashier’s checks.

Keeping track of your points is easy by bookmarking the Hancock Points Plus page on your computer or card members can call a customer service center to assess their points accrual and potential reward options.

Redeeming points online is easy when you use your Hancock Bank Visa Classic card, as rewards are broken down into three categories: gift cards, travel, and merchandise. The terms and conditions, eligibility, reward accrual and redemption terms and conditions are quite lengthy, but consumers should take the time to read through them. Each category for redemption comes with its own prerequisites, including airline, cruise, travel package, and merchandise rewards. The same goes for gift card and gift certificate rewards, car rentals, and cashback rewards.

Cash back rewards are delivered in $25 increments, and the bank has no restrictions on the total number of cashback rewards that you can redeem on an annual basis. However, consumers should be aware of the rewards may not always be available, and might be available only for certain dates during the year. Stipulations regarding airline and cruise rewards do apply, and consumers using the card to accrue points for such types of travel should make sure to read the fine print in regard to these reward redemptions.

A few additional benefits come with the Hancock Bank Visa Classic card, including full-time access to mobile banking, as well as Bill Pay, online banking options, and security tools. With more people utilizing Internet and mobile communications to take care of their banking needs, Hancock Bank is up to date with offering online bank sessions with security. They also offers free download of Trusteer’s Rapport, a plug-in that locks your browser before any unauthorized software is detected and accesses personal or business information.

Hancock Bank Visa Classic Card Terms and Conditions

In addition to the terms and conditions attached to their reward program, the Hancock Bank Visa Classic card also comes with its own set of terms and conditions. Cardholders who obtain a Classic Visa credit card by Hancock Bank can expect to pay a 12.99% APR, although APRs vary. The card also attaches a 3% balance transfer fee for every balance transfer, with maximum fees reaching $50. Cash advance fees of 3% are also attached to every cash advance.

Hancock Bank Visa Classic card offers a 0% APR for seven months on purchases, and 1.9% for one year on balance transfers. The APR attached to cash advances is 18%. Consumers should also be aware that you may pay up to $15 for late charges, and up to $25 per returned check charges.

If, for any reason, you default on your card as based on the terms and conditions, the bank charges the fees for an attorney, and cardholders agree, as per the terms and conditions, to pay those fees as well as up to 25% of the unpaid debt after the default.  Also be aware that the bank may close your account if no activity has been recorded for six consecutive months.

Visit the website for more detailed information regarding the Visa Classic card, its cashback and points rewards, and Terms and Conditions. The website doesn’t provide extremely detailed information on some stipulations however, and consumers are directed to call their call center agents, which is quite a put-off for many who prefer online access to information.

The good news is that the Hancock Bank Visa Classic card doesn’t generally charge a penalty APR, but take the above into consideration if you have the urge to skip a payment or two.

Bottom Line

The Hancock Bank Visa Classic card is a personal credit card that comes with a variety of perks, but is also comes with a large range of exclusions, rules, and terms in regard to their rewards program. Before you obtain your Classic Visa card, make sure that you understand the fine print found in the terms and conditions not only for the credit card itself, but for the Plus Points Rewards Program.

For many, the rules, the redemptions, and the number of points you have to accrue in order to reap those rewards are not worth the balance or the expenditures you have to make to get them.

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