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Hancock Bank


Hancock Bank is an extremely popular name branch specific to the southeastern United States. Founded in 1899, branches extend from central Florida to the Gulf coastline of Texas. Today, Hancock Bank credit cards provide a number of banking options for customers and a variety of options for personal or business use.

Types of Hancock Bank Credit Cards

One of the most popular credit cards available from Hancock Bank is the personal use Hancock Visa Platinum credit card and the
Hancock Bank Classic Visa credit card. Another popular card is the Business Visa, geared toward small businesses. The Hancock Bank Business credit card also provides the same benefits as the personal card, and also offers a Visa liability waiver program to protect against any misuse of the card by employees.


The Hancock Bank personal use Visa Platinum credit card and Classic Visa card offer card members a 1% cashback reward program on eligible purchases. The Hancock Bank business card also offers card members to options to learn and use their accrued points for:

• gift cards
• travel packages
• vacation packages
• merchandise
• entertainment
• enhanced access to travel agents and agencies

The Hancock Visa Business card also provides travel accident insurance in the tune of $500,000 as well as insurance against baggage delays. You can also take advantage of special rental auto insurance.

Additional benefits of Hancock Bank credit cards include but are not limited to:

• Travel in emergency assistance
• Visa’s zero liability policy
• Automatic enrollment in the Hancock Points Plus Exclusive Rewards Program
• Emergency cash and card replacement
• Warranty managing services
• Purchase security protection
• Travel accident insurance up to $500,000
• Baggage delay and insurance

The Hancock Bank business card also offers additional benefits packages for business users. Domestic and international banking options are available through use of Hancock Bank credit cards, making it the perfect card for business travelers at home and abroad.

To get more bang for your buck, since you’re spending the money on travel, business expenses, entertaining clients, or just having fun shopping, the rewards program offered by Hancock Bank credit cards allowed you versatility and a wide number of options when it comes to redeeming your points. Points accrued when using Hancock Bank credit cards are divided into three major categories including gift cards, merchandise and travel.

Rewarded in $25 increments, you don’t have to wait until you have an outrageous number of points accrued before you can start redeeming and enjoying your awards.

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

Hancock Bank credit cards provide a variety of relatively average rates and fees. Introductory rates for new cardholders apply a 0% APR for purchases for a limited time as well as 1.90% APR on balance transfers for the first year of card ownership. After that, rates are a reasonable 12.99% APR. The Platinum card has no annual fee. When it comes to Hancock Bank credit cards, do some comparison shopping and decide which card would best suit your needs.

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