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How can you buy and sell and trade miles or rewards points?


Almost every airline operating today has a frequent flier program. These programs are designed for their passengers to be able to trade miles that they have stored in exchange for rewards. An important point to note here is that you do not necessarily have to save your airline miles before you earn a free trip. Instead, you can buy, sell and even trade in your airline miles or rewards points for a package that’s more suitable to you.

Buy Miles

The easiest way to buy miles for a particular airline is to go to their rewards page and click on Buy Miles. The cost of miles will vary from airline to airline. In general, it is advisable to purchase miles when the holidays are approaching and you only need a few more to make it in time. Otherwise the cost of the miles you buy will go above the cost of the actual ticket which would kill the point of having airline miles in the first place.

Sell Miles

If you have a whole bunch of miles stored up that you’re not going to be using you might as well sell them to someone who’s looking to buy miles. It is not acceptable by airlines policy for potential customers to sell miles but it’s not illegal either. The simplest way to sell your saved miles is through a broker. The broker will require you to provide your personal details, the amount of miles you wish to sell and the price you want to sell them at. When a buyer comes forth you will transfer the miles to their account and receive your payment once the transaction is processed.

Trade Miles

If you want to fly in your family or friends for the holidays you can simply transfer them miles from your account. This is only applicable if both parties have accounts associated with the same airline. To trade miles, you have to visit the airline’s rewards program page and click on Trade Miles. An important point to keep in mind while trading miles is that the airline will charge you a certain amount to do so (charges vary from airline to airline).

Whether you’re buying, selling or trading miles, be sure to check out the airline’s policy ahead of time.

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