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Iberia Bank Visa Gold — Low rates, ample rewards?


Iberia Bank is mostly found throughout the southeastern region of the United States, such as in Tennessee, Florida, Alabama, Texas, Florida, Louisiana and Arkansas. Primarily found in Louisiana and the surrounding major cities, Iberia Bank provides banking series for commercial and private use throughout Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and New Orleans. The Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold credit card provides cardholders with a range of benefits and competitive low rates to satisfy the banking needs of countless consumers.

Iberia Bank provides a variety of other credit cards for personal use, so how does the Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold stack up against the others? Consumers can choose between the Classic, Platinum, Select Visa and the Select Gold – these other cards provide low rates or introductory rates, while the Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold provides rewards with purchases. In terms of the rates and services, the Gold Card best compares with the Platinum, but choosing the credit card is best determined by the credit standing and availability according the Iberia Bank account.

Benefits of the Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold

There is an ample selection of good benefits associated with the Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold. They include:

  • No annual fee – many rewards cards require an annual fee to make use of rewards or benefits, so the no annual fee is highly appealing to all cardholders.
  • Low interest rates – Provided for Iberia Bank customers, the low interest rates are based on credit standing and still substantially lower than many competitive or major credit cards. When searching for a credit card, one of the most important things to compare is the annual percentage rate, as the rewards won’t do much good if the monthly interest rate is too high!
  • Cash back rewards – For each dollar spent on a qualifying purchase, cardholders are offered a 1% cash back reward – this adds up over time and can be used for a range of additional benefits. While the rewards are minimal compared to other credit cards, they are still worth looking into thanks to the low interest rates and no annual fee.
  • Visa acceptance – Being a Visa card, cardholders can expect the same quality service and acceptance worldwide just by having the prestigious backing of Visa. Along with acceptance of the card, Visa credit cards are offered online shopping protection – something important in light of the numerous fraud reports out with online shopping.

Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold members are entitled to even more benefits including:

  • Roadside dispatch – Instead of paying for a monthly service through auto insurance, the Roadside Dispatch is a pay-per-use service provided exclusively for Visa credit cardholders.
  • Travel Accident Insurance – Coverage includes accidental death and dismemberment options.
  • Auto Rental Collision Damage – A waiver is provided to Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold cardholders in the event of collision or theft of a rental vehicle.
  • Point Quest Rewards Program – The 1-for-1 rewards system makes it simple to follow and understand when it comes to earning rewards with purchases made with the Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold.

Terms and Conditions of the Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold

When it comes to the terms and conditions of the Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold, cardholders will find that the rates are very competitive – and even low – compared with other Visa rewards cards. Depending on credit worthiness, cardholders have a few annual percentage rates to look for including 9.25%, 12.25% and 15.25%. Even with the ‘higher’ 15.25% for credit worthiness, many cardholders will find that rate to be substantially low compared to the usual 20% or higher interest rates. For those looking to improve credit standing while earning rewards, the Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold could be a great way to go!

One benefit to look forward to with the terms and conditions is the 1.99% introductory rate on balance transfers. This is a great way to transfer a balance from a higher interest card – basically any card in the wallet compared to 1.99% — and make use of the low rates to make a dent in the amount owed. While the introductory rate is only six months, it could be a substantial amount of time for one of the lower balance cards. Once the six months are up, the balance transfer annual percentage rates bumps up to the purchase APR – which is still lower if you are transferring from a higher rate card. It’s something to consider when attempting to pay off revolving credit lines with other, less favorable cards.

There is no annual fee for holding the Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold, a great way to utilize the rewards and low, competitive rates from the card without paying for services. For cardholders interested in using the cash advance feature of the Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold, the rates vary between 14.75%, 18.25% and 21.25% — all depending on the credit standing at the time of the cash advance. If the main purpose of signing up for a credit card is for the cash advance features, it’s important to looking into these rates as they are typically much higher than the balance transfer or annual percentage rates.

Since Visa is accepted all over the world, taking it on vacation or business is a great way to boost up rewards and make use of the trademark Visa services. One thing to consider, however, is the foreign transaction fees, which come out to 2% of each transaction in the U.S. dollar conversion. If a cardholder plans to use the card frequently for business or traveling, these fees need to be considered as they quickly add up over time.

The Iberia Bank Iberia Bank Visa Gold is a great card for those just starting out with credit or wanting an easy and efficient way to earn rewards – though the access is limited to consumers in designated Iberia Bank locations where the card may be offered.

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