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Iberia Bank


Iberia Bank is a regional bank located in the south, with headquarters in Louisiana. The bank has served the needs of regional residents and consumers for over a century. The bank has just over 250 offices and nearly 175 bank branches located through the South; mainly Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Louisiana, and Tennessee. Iberia Bank credit cards are designed for personal or business needs.

Types of Iberia Bank Credit Cards

Iberia Bank offers a variety of credit cards for personal and business use. When it comes to personal banking, you can select from:

• Visa Classic
• Visa Platinum
• Visa Select
• Visa Gold

When it comes to businesses, the Iberia Bank credit cards include the Iberia Bank Business credit card, which offers a variety of perks including competitive rates, acceptance worldwide, expense tracking, the ability to issue multiple cards for employees, as well as 24/7 online account access. Unfortunately, this reviewer was unable to access more information regarding the business credit cards without having to call into a branch location.


Benefits attached to Iberia Bank credit cards vary depending on the card you have. For example, the Visa Gold offers 1% of every dollar you spend on qualifying purchases when it comes to points, while the Visa Platinum offers consumers one point for every dollar spent on qualifying purchases. Rewards programs are not available for the Visa Classic or the Select Visa.

Additional rewards are available for the Visa Platinum and Visa Gold, including enhanced benefits when you join their Scorecard Bonus Points Rewards Program. All cards offer:

• Auto rental collusion damage waiver
• Roadside dispatch and travel emergency services

Shopping bonuses apply to the Visa Platinum card, with cardholders able to earn 2, 3, or four times more points at specific participating retailers both a physical and online locations.

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

Annual percentage rates and fees for Iberia Bank credit cards for personal use range between 7.25% and 15.25%, based on which card you have, your credit history and perceived credit worthiness by Iberia Bank. Following is a breakdown of the annual purchase percentage rate for each of the cards:

• Visa Classic – 7.25%, 10.25%, or 13.25%
• Visa Platinum – 9.25%, 12.25%, or 15.25%
• Select Visa – 7.50%, 9.50%, or 11.50%
• Visa Gold – 9.25%, 12.25%, or 15.25%

All of the cards offer low introductory annual percentage rates for six months or 12 months, depending on which card you are given. The Select Visa is the only card of the four that offers an introductory purchase APR for the first year of card ownership. That APR ranges between 0.00% and 7.50%. However, the other three cards (Classic, Platinum, Gold) offer introductory rates on balance transfers. The introductory APR for balance transfers ranges 1.99% to 7.50%. After the introductory rate expires, you will be charged “normal” annual percentage rates.

Annual Fees

The majority of the Iberia Bank credit cards do not charge annual fees. Iberia Bank credit cards are a good deal, especially for those with a good credit history, as you will benefit from a lower purchase and balance transfer APR as well as introductory and balance transfer APRs when you first get your card and take advantage.

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