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Kansas City Royals MasterCard with Rewards Card – Hit a Home Run?


The Kansas City Royals baseball team is a favorite franchise, not only for Missouri residents, but fans across the country. Commerce Bank offers the Kansas City Royals MasterCard with Rewards, but does the card hit a home run or does it strike out? We’ll talk about a few of the benefits of the KC Royals card, as well as rewards, retaining those rewards, and of course, terms and conditions.

Kansas City Royals MasterCard with Rewards Benefits

The Kansas City Royals MasterCard with Rewards not only offers the versatility of most credit cards, but gives members the ability to access Royals baseball team action and excitement at Kauffman Stadium, as well as when purchasing team-related merchandise. In addition, a variety of other benefits are available, including cash back, rewards and rewards options for gift cards, travel, and more.

When using the Kansas City Royals MasterCard with Rewards card, the cardholder earns points based on purchases and accrued finance charges when the cardholder opts to have a revolving balance. Points can be redeemed for a variety of merchandise, travel and gift certificates. When you use your Kansas City ROyals MasterCard with Rewards card, your points can be redeemed online or by phone, and rewards can be picked based on your preferences and programs.

How do you earn? Every time you make a credit card purchase, points accrue for anything from a dinner out to gift cards to a vacation. There are no limits to the number of points you can earn, nor an annual cap on those points.

The Kansas City Royals MasterCard with Rewards offers one point for each dollar of merchandise purchase, and three points for every dollar in accrued interest on your monthly balance. That sounds like a pretty good deal for people who carry a balance.  Cardholders can also earn 20 times points per dollar when using the credit card on qualifying purchases at participating vendors, or when you use the card when choosing your Commerce Bank rewards online.

Perhaps most attractive to diehard Royals fans is the ability to have exclusive access to a variety of events and options such as Crown Seat tickets (with parking passes), dugout suite packages, and, if you’re lucky, be chosen to throw the ceremonial first pitch at the start of one of their regular-season home games. Card members also enjoy discounts on Kansas City Royals tickets.

Additional benefits for Kansas City Royals MasterCard with Rewards card holders include access to optional auto-pay and online statements; nothing new there, but still, it’s nice to know. You’ll also get $100,000 in travel accident insurance, zero liability coverage (as long as you notify Commerce Bank within 60 days of receipt of the statement that contains unauthorized account activity), and 24/7 customer service (does not apply to holidays) and of course, online account access.

Redeeming your Rewards

As we’ve mentioned, there is no limit or annual cap on how many rewards you can earn.  In fact, Commerce Banks allows you up to four years to earn and redeem rewards before they expire.

Additional points may be rewarded at the discretion of Commerce Bank went offering special promotions or programs. However, be aware that it may take up to 30 business days for points from participating retailers to post to your account.

While Kansan City Royals MasterCard with Rewards cardholders have no limits or caps to the number of rewards or points they can accrue during the calendar year, you do not or cannot earn points if your account isn’t in good standing or has been closed. Points are not accrued on your rewards account statement if more than 30 days have passed since your last transaction.

Note the term “good standing” as defined by Commerce Bank means that you’re not past due, over 31 days delinquent, over your limit, have engaged in consumer credit counseling, your credit has been revoked, or are a victim of security fraud. Read the fine print of the terms and conditions of the rewards program to avoid surprises.

Points can he redeemed over the phone by calling the Commerce Bank Rewards service centers toll-free number, or access online at the Commerce Bank website. Points earned may be redeemed through their cashback redemption, gift card redemption, merchandise redemption, Royals items redemption, point gifting redemption, and airline ticket credit redemption. Again, review the terms and conditions of the reward program to read the stipulations applied to each of these redemption offers.

Terms and Conditions

Despite the attraction that the Kansas City Royals MasterCard with Rewards may offer consumers, it’s always important to read the Terms and Conditions. The Kansas City Royals MasterCard with rewards offered by Commerce Bank comes with a 3.99% introductory APR. This APR is applicable on balance transfers or purchases for six months. After that, your APR will range between 14.24% and 20.24%, depending on your credit history and perceived credit worthiness.

You won’t pay an annual fee for the credit card, but after a six-month introductory rate, the APR for balance transfers will also raise to 14.24% to 20.24%. The APR on both overdraft and non-overdraft cash advances is 25.24%, and the penalty APR, in the event you make a late payment, rises to 27.24%.  The penalty APR remains until you make six consecutive minimum payments by the due date.

A number of transaction fees also apply to the card. For balance transfers, overdraft and a non-overdraft cash advances, cardholders can expect to pay a minimum of $10 or 5% of the balance transfer or cash advance amount, whichever is larger. You’ll pay 1% in foreign transaction fees and 2% for foreign transactions made in non-US dollars. If you make a late payment, in addition to the penalty APR, you pay a late penalty fee of up to $35. Check the website for additional details.

Bottom Line

The Commerce Bank Kansas City Royals MasterCard with Rewards is a good card, especially when compared to other national credit card offers when it comes to APRs and terms and conditions.  Kansas City Royals fans may enjoy the Kansan City Royals MasterCard with Rewards card more, depending on their loyalty to the team. All in all, this credit card is average, and is likely a good bet.  While it may not hit a home run, it will certainly get you to second base.

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