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US Bank Korean Air SkyBlue SKYPASS Visa Card | Need Korean Customer Care?


If you are a frequent traveler to Korea, the US Bank Korean Air SkyBlue SKYPASS Visa Card offers a no-nonsense solution to some commonly experienced hassles. With every purchase, you can build miles points that are redeemable toward your next flights on Korean Air. There are no double-point deals available with SkyBlue; just one half of one mile point earned per $1 spent.

There are 3 separate types of the KAL Visa: Classic, Platinum and SkyBlue SKYPASS. While the Classic has a $50 annual fee and the Platinum has an $80 annual fee, the SkyBlue has no annual fee at all. You get one half of point per dollar spent. There are no limits to the number of points you may accumulate and the points never expire.

The purchase APR for the US Bank Korean Air SkyBlue SKYPASS Visa Card is a straight 9.99% above the Prime Rate. US Bank uses the Average Daily Balance method, commonly used by most credit card issuers, to determine the minimum monthly payments you will owe.

Other APRs associated with this card include an 11.99% above Prime APR on cash advances. Balance transfers will incur and APR of 9.99% above Prime. And if you ever are unfortunate enough to incur the Penalty APR, it’s a fixed 23.99%. US Bank promises a minimum of 20 days grace to pay your monthly bill. If you incur interest charges, there is a minimum charge of $2.

Fee Schedule for the US Bank Korean Air SkyBlue SKYPASS Visa Card:

  •     Late payment fees of either $29 or $38, depending on how many times you’ve been late in the past 12 billing cycles;
  •     $35 fee for going over your credit limit;
  •     No foreign currency conversion fess;
  •     Cash advance fees are 3% or $5, whichever is more;
  •     Balance transfer fees are 3% or $5, again, whichever is more;

There’s never an annual fee to enjoy the benefits of the US Bank Korean Air SkyBlue SKYPASS Visa Card. You will get an automatic credit of 5000 SKYPASS Bonus Miles when you complete your first purchase with the card. You can redeem your SKYPASS miles for travel credits and ticket upgrades at Korean Air and other SkyTeam partners. Also, cardholders are positioned for acceptance into the Morning Calm Club (see below).

Other automatic benefits of the US Bank Korean Air SkyBlue SKYPASS Visa Card:

  •     Friendly bilingual customer care representatives;
  •     24/7/365 automated bilingual account access;
  •     Zero Fraud Liability;
  •     ID Theft & Fraud Protection;
  •     Emergency Assistance services;
  •     Collision Damage Waiver for rental cars;
  •     Online banking services;
  •     Traveler’s accident insurance;
  •     Automatic bill payment services;

US Bank says that they care about their customers a great deal, and that they are constantly developing new features and benefits to make the US Bank Korean Air SkyBlue SKYPASS Visa Card even better. The two newest improvements are geared at making travel abroad much more easy and convenient for cardholders. Let’s take a look:

  1.     There are absolutely no foreign transaction fees while traveling abroad. Most other cards will charge roughly 2 to 3 percent of the converted US dollar amounts for these transactions.
  2.     Visa payWave technologies are in effect to make purchasing a breeze. Microprocessors inside the cards enable cardholders to just “wave” the card to electronically submit payments directly at the point of sale. This is quick and easy, and that makes business happen more efficiently and accurately. The Visa payWave technology incorporates multiple layers of security with every transaction initiated.

For cardholders of the US Bank Korean Air SkyBlue SKYPASS Visa Card with US Bank checking and/or savings accounts, there are other benefits available. For instance, you can link your card to your checking account to cover any checks that you have out without adequate funding. You card will cover excessive check charges to cover any overdrafts, in increments of $25, up to your credit limit. These overdraft charges incur the same APR as your purchases. You can also use any touch-tone phone to initiate transfers between your US Bank accounts and your SkyBlue card. This makes it a cinch to pay your monthly bill on time and avoid ever incurring a penalty APR.

About the Morning Calm Club Membership:

Your US Bank Korean Air SkyBlue SKYPASS Visa Card will enable you to gain and maintain membership in the ever-popular Morning Calm Club. This membership grants members privileges including rapid exclusive check-in services at Korean Air. You’re also entitled to bring along more baggage than non-member travelers (unless they pay extra). Also, you receive Priority Baggage Handling services any time you fly KAL. Additionally, you will benefit from Priority Reservation Waitlist services as well as being eligible for SkyTeam privileges.

And finally, the most coveted Morning Calm benefit of all: the gift of Lounge Usage! Up to four times during the 2-year membership period, you will permitted to enjoy the delights of Prestige Class Lounges that are ran by KAL. And the benefit extends to any traveling companions you may have. However, each passenger that uses a lounge with you counts as one lounge usage off of your allotted four per 2 years. Honestly, this does not seem very impressive to me.

You have to earn membership privileges by racking up at least 50,000 flown miles on Korean Airlines. Alternately, you can achieve membership by flying on at least 40 eligible KAL flights. Further, you may also gain membership status by redeeming 20,000 SKYPASS partner’s miles plus having flown at least 30,000 miles on KAL. All I can think to say is that those Prestige Lounges must be awfully nice. 4 times in 2 years? Check the website for more information.

So what are cardholders of the US Bank Korean Air SkyBlue SKYPASS Visa Card saying about it? Good question, I surfed through several forums dedicated to this card, as well as the testimonials on the card’s website, and found that the general feeling is one of acceptance and appreciation. The bilingual Korean/English customer care services are very much valued, especially by those who dominantly speak Korean. So, the US Bank Korean Air SkyBlue SKYPASS Visa Card is definitely a short-list option for frequent travelers to Korea, particularly if they have difficulties with English.

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