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Review of the Mandee Credit Card


The Mandee Credit Card has a host of promotional offers for potential customers. Mandee is all about offering cardholders exclusive rewards and perks. Mandee’s customers are mostly teenage girls who would like to buy clothes, shoes, jewelry and other accessories.

Mandee has stores all over the country as well as an online store. The question that we’ll be addressing in this article is whether the Mandee Credit Card is right for you or should it be avoided altogether.

Mandee Credit Card: Benefits

The Mandee Credit Card offers a lot of benefits and perks to cardholders starting from their very first purchase. Cardholders get a special 15% discount on the first purchase they make on their credit card. The offer is applicable on all purchases at any price. You’ll be saving money from day 1!

Once you’ve signed up for the card and made your first purchase, you’ll come home to find yet another 20% off any purchase you make at Mandee’s. Being a Mandee Credit Card holder you also get the chance to earn points every time you go shopping. Once you’ve saved up some points you can redeem them for Mandee’s discounts, coupons, birthday surprises and invites to in-store events.

One of its best features is the convenience of paying off your credit card debt at any of the Mandee stores or through their online system.

Mandee Credit Card: Additional Details

Like most store cards, the Mandee Credit Card does not charge cardholders an annual fee. In fact, this credit card is one of the best ones out there in terms of saving and rewards. Mandee’s provides flexible payment options that can reduce your monthly payments a great deal.

Credit card holders who prefer accessing their account information online can choose to receive account statements on their email. The credit card also lets you request an increase in your credit limit online and recent purchases made to the card.

These additional benefits allow parents to sign their children up for credit cards to instill good credit card habits in them from the very start. This credit card is easy to manage and its characteristic transparency makes it even better.

Final Thoughts

The Mandee Credit Card is the best store card out there for those of you who do not want to pay an annual fee, still be able to earn rewards and experience exceptional benefits and offers. Since the store stocks low-priced items such as clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories, it is very easy to be able to pay off the entire outstanding balance by the end of every month. This way you won’t have to worry about accumulating debt and paying it off with the addition of the interest rate.

The only downside of the Mandee Credit Card is that you’re allowed to use it at Mandee stores only. But if you or your daughters are frequent Mandee shoppers then there’s no need to think about getting this card. It’s a must have!

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