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Marathon Credit Card Review


Marathon is a gas station with over 5,300 locations in 19 states in the Midwest and Southeast US who now offers a Marathon Credit Card designed for people with fair and even poor credit histories. If you frequent a Marathon gas station, then you may want to consider the Marathon Credit Card. In our review of the Marathon Credit Card, we will examine the benefits of this card, who it is available to, and determine whether you should apply for this gas rewards credit card.

Marathon Credit Card Review

The Marathon Credit Card is particularly good for those who live next to a Marathon gas station and it is their primary source for gas. If your nearest Marathon is a bit out of the way, this gas rewards credit card might be more hassle than it’s worth. First, it’s got a variable APR of 17% to 25%, which is not great. There is no penalty rate with the Marathon Credit Card, and it is directed to people with fair to poor credit, which justifies the higher than average APR. Despite the lack of a penalty APR, there is still the standard $35 fee for late payments.

The other rates for the Marathon Credit Card aren’t so great either. There is a 3% fee for cash advances and 3% foreign transaction fee. But the important question here is: how are the gas rewards? It goes without saying that, rewards are only available at Marathon gas stations. If you spend less than $500 in a calendar month, you only qualify for $0.05 per gallon on Marathon purchases. If you spend between $500 and $999 and you will receive $0.15. Cardholders who spend more than $1000, qualify for the highest rebate rate of $0.25 per gallon. The rewards are paid out each billing cycle in Marathon gas station gift cards and there are no other rewards or perks outside of Marathon gas stations.

Consider the complicated rewards system of the Marathon Credit Card and the above average interest rates compared to other gas rewards credit cards out there, you might want to pass on this gas rewards credit card. The Marathon Credit Card is, however, available to those who have lower than average credit scores, so it could be a good way of building your credit. The only real benefit here is for someone who is making all of their gas purchases at Marathon gas stations anyway. Hey, if you shop Marathon gas, you might as well get a decent gas reward, right?


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