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Maximizing Rewards With The Best Credit Card


Which Is The Best Credit Card For Maximizing Rewards?

Finding the best credit card for maximizing rewards can be a hectic task given the already cluttered credit cards market. After thoroughly investigating a large number of credit cards for maximizing rewards, the best credit in this category is finally out, and it is Chase Sapphire credit card.

But how come does Chase Sapphire win the race of the best credit card for maximizing rewards? Read on to know how!

Bonus Points

Adding the first authorized user and using the Chase Sapphire credit card for shopping in the first three months after sign up can earn you a bonus of 5,000 points. However, you have to use your card to make purchases worth at least $4,000 during the three months to qualify for the bonus points. Your bonus points will be posted to your account six to eight weeks after the first three months. If you are in default, you do not qualify for this bonus offer, which is a good deal for maximizing rewards. 

Travel And Dining Points

The Chasea Sapphire credit card also offers you to earn 2X points when you use the card for travel and dining at restaurants. Additionally, you can earn 1 point per dollar spent on all other shopping.

Transferring Points To Take Part In Frequent Travel Programs

Another good option offered by Chase Sapphire credit card for maximizing rewards is the transfer of points to frequent travel programs at total value, meaning that you can transfer 1,000 Chase Ultimate Rewards points to get 1,000 miles in participating programs. Companies participating in the program include Korean Air SKYPASS, United Mileage Plus, Hyatt Gold Passport and British Airways Executive Club in addition to several others.

Foreign Transactions

The Chase Sapphire credit card does not charge foreign transaction fees. You can use your card outside the US without worrying about foreign transaction fees. 

20 Percent Off Travel

When you redeem your rewards points for airfare, night in a hotel, cruise travel or car rental, you get 20 percent off travel. In other words, if your flight cost is $500, you just need 40,000 points to get $100 discount. Are you now convinced that this is the best credit card for maximizing rewards?

Annual Fee

Chase Sapphire credit card comes without any annual fee for the first year. From second year on, you’ll be required to pay $95 in annual fees.

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