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M&T Bank


M&T Bank was first established in 1856. Back then, it was called the Manufacturers and Traders Bank. Today, the financial institution is found in approximately 725 branches along the east coast of the United States, and serves New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, DC, Virginia and West Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, and Florida. M&T Bank credit cards provide a variety of personal, business and commercial options for consumers

Types of M&T Bank Credit Cards

M&T Bank offers a variety of credit cards to serve consumer needs. Personal credit cards include:

• M&T Visa credit card
• M&T Visa credit card with rewards
• M&T Visa Signature credit card

A number of corporate or commercial cards are also available including the

• Commercial One card
• Corporate card
• Purchasing card

All the above cards are Visa, and come with a variety of benefits associated with Visa as well as perks offered by N&T Bank credit cards options. One of the most popular M&T Bank credit cards is the M&T Bank Visa Signature card. A variety of options when it comes to management functions are available with all M&T Visa cards.


M&T Bank credit cards offer a variety of benefits that include but are not limited to flexible payment terms and earnings of up to 35% on annual point dividends on yearly expenditures with the M&T Bank Visa Signature card. Zero introductory rates on balance transfers, no transaction fees, and no annual fees make M&T Bank credit cards popular and accessible.

Benefits associated with personal use M&T Bank credit cards also include acceptance worldwide, zero liability policies, and emergency cash and card replacement. When you use the M&T Visa credit card with rewards, the option to earn 11,000 bonus points as well as one reward point for every dollar you spend, coupled with a variety of redemption options, make this one popular card.

The M&T Visa Signature credit card offers exclusive benefits as mentioned above, earning up to 35% in annual points dividends rewards, no transaction fees, and more.

The M&T Bank rewards program offers a variety of options. For example, when using the M&T Bank Visa signature card, you’ll earn one point for every dollar you spend in qualifying purchases, and consumers can earn up to 150,000 points he year with numerous options for the type of reward you want to redeem. Common redemptions are used by consumers for travel packages, airline tickets, and cashback or merchandise options.

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

The annual percentage rates and fees differ between M&T Bank credit cards, depending on your credit history, and which card you own. The M&T Visa credit cards come with a 0% annual percentage rate introductory rate for 12 months, and after that, interest rates start at 9.24%.

The personal credit cards offer APRs between 9.24% and 16.24%, based on your credit history and perceived credit worthiness by M&T Bank.

Rates on the commercial credit cards may differ depending on which card you’re interested in, usage, credit history, and assets.

Annual Fees

The personal M&T Bank credit cards don’t charge any annual fees, which certainly makes them attractive. You’ll have to contact the bank or apply for a commercial card to determine your options, APRs, and applicable fees.

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