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Nordstrom Bank


Nordstrom Bank is one of the most popular department stores in the country, visited by thousands of consumers on a yearly basis for a variety of fashion, accessories, and shoes. One of the first Nordstrom department stores was opened in Seattle, Washington in 1901. Interestingly, Nordstrom started out as a shoe store, and then gradually branched out to offering clothing and accessories. Nordstrom, like many department stores, offers Nordstrom bank credit cards with rewards.

Nordstrom Bank Credit Cards

Nordstrom bank credit cards offer different options for consumers, depending on preferences and consumer spending and shopping habits. Major cards offered by Nordstrom Inc. include:

• Nordstrom Retail
• Nordstrom Visa Signature

The Nordstrom retail credit card enables cardholders to earn points for any purchases made at Nordstrom, the Nordstrom website, and Nordstrom rack. The Nordstrom Visa Signature card offers a variety of options for use and point accrual. The Nordstrom Visa Signature card enables cardholders to earn one point for every dollar spent anywhere Visa cards are accepted, as well as inside Nordstrom stores.

Not only do consumers benefit from specials and offers from Nordstrom department store, but from the Visa benefits attached to the Nordstrom bank credit cards. For example, cards that carry the Visa logo enjoy all of the benefits associated with Visa Signature cards.


Special offers applying to the Nordstrom bank credit cards include a $20 gift certificate or note when you have spent $100 at a Nordstrom store when using your card on the day of your application. In addition to occasional perks and benefits that include special shopping offers, events, and promotions at Nordstrom store, cardholders of the Nordstrom Visa Signature card also enjoy preferred benefits offered by Visa Signature. Such perks include but are not limited to:

• Access to special events
• Discounts at fine hotels and hotel room upgrades
• Access to Signature events
• Access to premium transportation (such as a limousine or discounts on car rentals, shuttle services)
Retail store discounts
• VIP shopping and hotel services and options
• Luggage forwarding

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

The annual percentage rates and fees for Nordstrom bank credit cards depend on the type of card you get. For example, Nordstrom bank credit cards accounts and the Nordstrom Visa Signature offer four different tiers. The annual percentage rate for a purchase at Nordstrom includes:

• Tier 1 – 10.90%
• Tier 2 – 14.90%
• Tier 3 – 18.90%
• Tear 4 – 22.90%

When it comes to transactions outside of Nordstrom, the APR for purchases and cash advances is as follows:

• Tier 1 – 14.90%
• Tier 2 – 18.90%
• Tier 3 – 22.90%
• Tier 4 – 22.90%

The annual percentage rates that you are given will depend on your credit history and your perceived credit worthiness by Nordstrom Bank. Nordstrom bank credit cards provide a number of other benefits and perks, so do compare not only the Nordstrom bank credit cards terms and fees, but also the perks and benefits associated with Visa Signature, if that’s the card you get.

Annual Fees

Nordstrom bank credit cards don’t have annual fees, so that’s definitely a bonus for many potential credit card consumers.

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