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What are some of the best unique perks of rewards credit cards?


Credit cards offer you an easy way to pay without putting you through the stress of paying with cash. Pulling out your credit card is much more convenient than counting cash. It also gives you a lot less time to change your mind and doesn’t make you feel like you’re actually spending money – at least not till your statement shows up.

Most people tend to spend a lot less and more carefully when they pay with cash. Despite this, they also like to use their rewards credit cards on certain purchases. There are numerous perks of rewards credit cards that you can make the most of if you use your card responsibly. Every card company boasts of its extensive list of benefits but there may be perks of rewards credit cards that you don’t even know existed.

Perks of Rewards Credit Cards

Shopping Perks

Retail Store Discounts

Some credit card companies provide cardholders extra points for logging in through their system and then re-directing to the shopping portal. American Express and MasterCard usually offer these benefits to their customers after discussing it with the merchants. Not only can you get some pretty cool deals but certain cards also offer free shipping.

Extended Warranty

If you get anxious about breaking expensive items soon after their warranties expire then you probably look into buying extended warranties too. Most of the qualifying credit cards out there give you extended warranty provided you purchased the item on it. All you have to do is make sure you keep all of the documents that go with it in a safe place.

Price Protection and Return Protection

Sometimes right after you buy something, you find a print ad of the same item at a price less than what you paid. Don’t you wish you could somehow get the extra money back? This is one of the perks of rewards credit cards that you probably didn’t know about before. You have to file a claim and give the credit card company all of the required documents. The company will then reimburse you for the extra money you paid. American Express offers cardholders a return policy which is applicable within 90 days of the original purchase.

Entertainment Perks

Pre-Sale Tickets

A lot of the credit cards out there offer their qualifying cardholders the option to purchase tickets before they are opened to the general public. If there’s a popular concert coming up that you would like to attend check your credit card’s promotional offers and grab a few tickets before it’s too late!

Best Seats

The credit cards offering pre-sale tickets usually offer qualifying cardholders the best seats at the event. This is one of the best perks of rewards credit cards. Credit card companies will purchase front row seats well ahead of time and offer them to eligible customers.

Travel Perks

Luggage Protection

It’s hard to keep track of your luggage when you’re travelling with family. What’s even worse is that the airline misplaces it leaving you without a fresh pair of jeans in a foreign land. Generally, airlines compensate you $25 per day until they find your luggage. But if you’re a cardholder, you can make use of luggage protection perks of rewards credit cards. By availing this, the credit card company gives you enough money to replace your lost possessions.

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