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Planning a Honeymoon: How to Help Pay for it with Credit Cards


The wedding is already paid for or at least nearly so, but now it’s time to start planning a honeymoon and you are definitely seeking some serious savings for your trip. One of the last things you might think of is applying for a new credit card as you are trying to save money not accumulate more debt, but believe it or not these credit card offers can save the day when it comes to planning a honeymoon.

Credit Cards That Will Save You Big Bucks When Planning a Honeymoon

For many couples, planning a honeymoon is much more fun than putting together all the details of the wedding. Their are often so many people you need to satisfy when you walk down the aisle, it can be difficult to enjoy the day. Planning a honeymoon, however, is much more pleasurable because now the big day is over and its time to spend time relaxing in whatever way you see fit or will enjoy. Cash at this stage of the game can be tight, so here are the top credit cards offers to apply for when planning a honeymoon that are fiscally rewarding:

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. With this card you will receive two points for every 100 pennies you spend on eating at restaurants and vacationing. In addition, you will get back one point for every dollar you put out on all other purchases.There is no yearly charge for this card the first 12 months but it is $95 dollars annually after that. You do receive a 40,000 introductory points perk if you put $4,000 on the card in the first three months. Another great bonus is there are no foreign transaction charges and the value of your points increases by more than 25 percent if they are applied towards travel through the company’s rewards program.
  • Citi Double Cash Card. Use this card for savings on your wedding expenses you can apply towards your honeymoon. The one percent cashback may not sound all that enticing at first, but if you pay your wedding bills on this card and then pay them off you receive another one percent back. Therefore, there is no ceiling on rewards amounts you can collect. If the funds are not available, the card also offers a program where there is no interest on any items you buy or when you transfer a balance for a year and three months. Also, the card institutes no fee each year to possess.

Summing it Up

Although it may not cross your mind when you are planning a honeymoon or in the process of constructing a wedding, there are ways you can use credit cards to produce some pretty great savings. They might not pop right out at you, but if do some research you will be sure to find other credit card offers that will help increase your bank account while you are planning a honeymoon.


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