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GE Capital Retail Bank QVC Q Card – Convenient Shopping Option?


Shopping at home has never been easier, thanks to television networks such as QVC and the GE Capital Retail Bank QVC Q Card. Founded in 1986, QVC brought the thrill and excitement of shopping directly into homes across the country – shoppers could now purchase apparel, home appliances, jewelry and more from the comfort of their living room. As a unique cable network, shoppers also have the convenience of purchasing products with a payment plan that makes virtually everything sold on the network affordable for all viewers. While an entertainment sound system for $500 sounds like a hefty price, allowing buyers to pay for it in ‘six easy payments’ of $84 is much easier to accommodate into any budget.

Aside from the easy payment plans, the GE Capital Retail Bank QVC Q Card is an exclusive card for the shopping network and provides cardholders with plenty of benefits and perks.

Benefits of the GE Capital Retail Bank QVC Q Card

Shopping at home is easier than ever, thanks to the GE Capital Retail Bank QVC Q Card – if the easy payment plans aren’t an option, using the credit card to earn benefits and maintain simple payment options is the way to go. In addition to the typical options provided through a credit card, cardholders also receive:

  • Choice between paper or online statements
  • Exclusive shopping opportunities – sneak peeks at special value offers, access to special promotions and private sales.
  • Complimentary Studio Tour pass for five friends and cardholder to the West Chester, PA facility.
  • Easy to read billing statement
  • Online account access

The GE Capital Retail Bank QVC Q Card is offered through the GE Capital Retail Bank, which also manages a range of store credit and rewards cards.

Important Fees for the GE Capital Retail Bank QVC Q Card

Since the GE Capital Retail Bank QVC Q Card is exclusive to the QVC shopping network, there are a few hurdles that shoppers need to go through in order to sign up for the credit card. The first thing that needs to be done is create a user account for QVC – the only way to gain access to the credit card application is to be a member of the QVC community. Once a profile is completed, users are then directed out to the GE Retail Bank, which is the third party financial institution that works with QVC to issue credit cards. It’s important to emphasize that the credit card is not issued directly through QVC and any financial issues relating to card will be directed to GE Retail Bank.

As the use of the GE Capital Retail Bank QVC Q Card is limited to only purchases made through the online store or television network, there are only a few fees and charges to be aware of outside of purchasing information. The annual percentage rate (APR) starts at 24.99% — an average interest rate with most competitive cards, depending on credit worthiness. For those with desirable credit history, it might be worth taking a look at other rewards credit cards as they likely would offer lower interest rates in addition to earning rewards and having the option of using the card everywhere. While the interest rate is a bit high, there is a way to avoid it. If the balance of the card is paid by the due date each month, there is no interest attached to the balance.

It also helps not to make any late payments – each late payment is hit with a substantial fee of $35. The online access to credit statements makes it easier to avoid being late with payments – but it’s always important to pay the bill before 5 p.m. on the due date to avoid penalties.

When it comes time to sign up for a credit card, weighing the pros and cons is always a good idea – especially when it comes to retail credit cards that don’t offer many benefits in the way of rewards. For fans of the QVC network, having a sneak peek at upcoming sales or exclusive events might seem like a great reward, but for those who just want to have the ability to make a purchase of something they find on the website the GE Capital Retail Bank QVC Q Card might not always be the best choice. Comparing credit cards with low interest rates and reward systems is always the best thing a consumer can do!

The Studio Tour pass is great, but unless a credit card holder lives in or around the West Chester, Pennsylvania location, it might not be a benefit worth signing up for – finding a competitive card that offers similar or lower annual percentage rate might help save more money in the long run. One advantage the GE Capital Retail Bank QVC Q Card has for cardholders is the ability to shop and access the credit card account from the exact same location. After shopping the thousands of products on QVC, items are delivered to the front door and cardholders can access the online account or pay the balance from the comfort of home.

This unique and innovative shopping experience is perfect for those who are homebound or prefer the peace and quiet of shopping without the stress or distractions. Not everyone wants to rack up a balance on a mainstream credit card – such as a Visa or MasterCard – so having a retail card such as GE Capital Retail Bank QVC Q Card to use during specific shopping events is ideal for many cardholders. The bottom line is – while there are hundreds of reward credit cards out there, it’s up to each consumer to find a card that fits needs and lifestyle – if that’s best done with the GE Capital Retail Bank QVC Q Card then it makes sense to sign up and get exclusive access to upcoming sales or promotional events. Fans of the network will appreciate the tailored service and customized shopping experience.

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