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Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card Offers 50,000 Bonus Points


The Southwest Plus has been on our credit card watch for some time with its frequent bonus offers. This time, it’s offering a hefty 50,000 bonus point to applicants for signing up for the Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card.

Let’s check out the offer in more detail.

Once the applicant is approved for the credit card, they’ll receive the sign-up bonus after charging $2,000 to their card within the first three months. Since the site hasn’t published an expiration date on the offer, it would be in your better interest to apply for it before it goes off the radar.

Rewards Program and Additional Details

The Southwest Plus Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card charges card holders an annual fee of $99. The APR charged on the credit card is fairly low at 15.99% right now. Note that the APR can vary as the Prime Rate changes. The rewards program offered on this credit card is detailed below:

  • Receive 2 points for every $1 spent towards Southwest Travel, Rapid Rewards hotels and any of their car rental partners
  • 6,000 bonus points on card holder anniversary for Premier card holders
  • No foreign transactions fee
  • EMV Chip enabled
  • 90+ travel destinations to pick from

Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card Analysis

Based on the value of Southwest rewards points, 50,000 bonus points would amount to over $700 worth of Wanna Get Away tickets. For those of you who don’t travel by air as much, $700 worth in flights would equal two free round-trip flights.

This offer is pretty amazing as far as sign-up bonuses are concerned. Looking back into our Southwest credit card offers watch; the airline offers bonuses which are usually in the same range. You can expect more offers to come up soon too.

Should You Apply For The Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card?

The sign-up bonus is solid. The airline is great. Why not? In such cases, it’s important that you assess your travel needs before applying for a credit card that offers great bonuses. If you’re not going to be using the rewards the program has to offer then there really isn’t any point.

However, if you’ve been planning a trip for two then this just might be the best chance you’ll get to finally make it. This program-affiliated credit card is sure to help you take that dream vacation.

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