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RBC rewards visa preferred credit card: is it worth your money?



The RBC Rewards Visa Preferred Credit Card is issued by the Royal Bank of Canada. Known as one of Canada’s largest banks, RBC offers a number of credit credits with various perks and benefits. One of the cards it offers is the Visa preferred card. Let us look at the features of this incredible card.


Features of the RBC Rewards Visa Preferred Credit Card

  • Sign up bonus of 2,500 reward points on enrollment
  • 1 reward point per dollar spend on purchases
  • 25% extra reward points for travel purchases (hotel stays, flight tickets, car rentals, etc.)
  • Rewards can be redeemed for merchandise purchases, travel rewards, charity, RBC financial rewards, gift certificates, etc.
  • Exchange rewards for Esso extra points
  • Premium set of insurances including trip protection, purchase security, vehicle rentals and more
  • Bonus points for online shopping at RBC Rewards eMall
  • Online booking tool for instant travel bookings
  • Annual interest rate: 19.99%
  • Annual fees: $110
  • Cash advance rate: 21.99%
  • Additional card: $40


The RBC Rewards Visa Preferred Credit Card gives you a sign up bonus of 2,400 rewards upon approval. With every $1 spend on purchases made using this card, you will earn 1 reward point. For all travel related purchases, including car rentals, hotel stays, and flights. The card offers you extra rewards till 25%. These rewards can be easily redeemed for travel cards, gift certificates, merchandise purchases, donations, RBC financial rewards and so on. The rewards start at a minimum value of 2,500 points. Moreover, the reward points can also be exchanged for Esso extra points.


The RBC Rewards Visa Preferred Credit Card offers you a multitude of insurances, including vehicle rentals, purchase security, trip protection and more. It also incorporates out of country or province travel medical insurance, trip interruption or cancellation, 24/7 travel assistance, and common carrier accident insurances. Extensive hotel burglary protection and baggage safety are some of the other perks of this credit card. You can even book your travel rewards online in just a few minutes through the RBC booking tool, powered by Orbitz. And, when you do online shopping at RBC Rewards eMall, you can even earn extra bonus points.


However, the RBC Rewards Visa Preferred Credit Card carries an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 19.99%. The annual fee for this card is $110. It also has a cash advance rate of 21.99%. The additional card can be availed for $40.


The bottom line

The RBC Rewards Visa Preferred Credit Card is good for Canadians who have a high income, that is who spend a minimum of $2,000 on their credit card purchases in a month. It is good for trip cancellations or interruptions and for safe travelling with an emergency travel medical insurance. 1 reward point on every dollar is also a good perk offered by this credit card.

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