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Regions Bank


Regions Bank is, as defined by its very name, regional, and formed in Alabama in 1971. Today, Regions Bank has branches in the south, mainly in Alabama, with over 40 banking locations mainly serving Montgomery, Huntsville, and Birmingham. In the mid-1980s, Regions Bank expanded to other southern regions from Georgia to Texas. Regions Bank provides a variety of personal, small business and commercial options, and the Regions Bank credit cards offer versatility and a variety of rewards.

Types of Regions Bank Credit Cards

Regions Bank credit cards provide options for personal, business as well as commercial use. Personal use Regions Bank credit cards include:

• Regions Visa Student
• Regions Visa Platinum
• Region’s Visa Signature
• Regions Visa Signature Preferred

All of the above cards can be linked to the Relationship Rewards Program offered by Regions Bank, helping consumers and cardholders earn points for their everyday banking and purchase needs.

Regions Bank also offers two business credit cards:

• Regions Visa Business
• Regions Visa Business Enhanced

The Regions Bank credit cards for business are designed to increase control of business cash flow, management, purchasing power, and shopping conveniences. The business cards offer built-in protection against fraud as well as access to Regions Bank Relationship Rewards Programs.


When using the personal or business Regions Bank credit cards, you have a variety of options of how you want to redeem your points and rewards. Some of the basic rewards that you can redeem when using Regions Bank credit cards for business or personal use include redemptions on merchandise, cash, gift cards, event tickets, travel, and some bank services.

In addition, some of the benefits associated with the rewards programs and the Regions Bank credit cards include points offered when you sign up for mobile banking, savings accounts, online banking, opening a money market account, for consumer loans, and even for mortgages.

You can also earn points for opting for online statements, online bill pay, ATM deposits, and monthly and re-occurring automated savings deposits.

Annual Percentage Rates and Fees

Annual percentage rates and fees depend on the type of card you get. We’ll offer a brief breakdown of APRs for the personal cards first:

• Regions Student Visa – 0% introductory APR on balance transfers for your first seven billing cycles and then 14.99% for Student without rewards cards, and 15.99% for Student with rewards cards
• Platinum without rewards – 11.99% to 18.99%
• Platinum with rewards – 12.99% to 19.99%
• Signature – 12.99% to 19.99%
• Signature Preferred – 11.99%

When it comes to the business credit cards, you’ll pay a 0% APR on the Regions Visa Business card for the first six months, and the same goes for the Regions Visa Business Enhanced card.

Annual Fees

No annual fees are charged for the Student, Platinum or Signature Regions Bank credit cards. You will pay a $125 annual fee for the Signature Preferred card. There is no annual fee attached to the Regions Business Visa or Regions Visa Business Enhanced card. Consumers will have to access the Regions Bank website for information regarding the business card APRs and fees that apply to options for Regions Bank credit cards for small businesses.

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