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Review of the Bedford Fair Credit Card


Bedford Fair specializes in women’s clothing and brings a modern twist on women’s classic fashion and accessories. The Bedford Fair Credit Card has a very suitable suburban name that goes well with the fashion needs of the suburban woman.

Bedford Fair offers premium-quality clothing and accessories with a classic flair. The Bedford Fair Credit Card is their exclusive card and is great to have especially if their fashion sense aligns with yours. So if you find yourself shopping at Bedford Fair, why not earn a few rewards points while you’re at it?

Bedford Fair Credit Card: Key APRs and Fees

Qualifying and ultimately signing up for the Bedford Fair Credit Card won’t get you any good deals except for some coupons. The card issuers don’t offer their new customers promotional packages or special introductory rates. The card also doesn’t allow cardholders to make balance transfers.

The annual percent rate (APR) that you will have is on the higher side of the scale at 26.99%. Since they don’t offer special APR rates in the first year as part of a promotional campaign, you will be subject to a 26.99% APR starting the day you sign up for it.

The Bedford Fair Credit Card does not have an annual fee. This is probably one of the best features of the credit card. No annual fee year round saves you a lot of money.

Bedford Fair Credit Card: Rewards

Although the Bedford Fair Credit Card doesn’t offer exceptional one-time offers they make up for that with their rewards. You can rack up points on your credit card as follows:

  • 1 point / $1 that you spend at Bedford Fair and any of their sister brands (except Draper’s and Damon’s)
  • Receive a $10 rewards certificate for every $150 charged to your credit card
  • $200 in savings every year
  • Coupons on free shipping at the time of signing up
  • Birthday and surprise savings throughout the whole year
  • Online deals when you sign up for email alerts at BedfordFair.com

Bedford Fair Credit Card: Additional Information

The Bedford Fair Credit Card offers its customers a safe and secure shopping experience with protection against any sort of fraudulent or unauthorized purchases. Cardholders can use the credit card at any of Bedford Fair’s sister brands (except for Draper’s and Damon’s).

This makes it possible for authorized cardholders to increase their chances of earning rewards. Cardholders can make purchases at any of the sister brands and still qualify to earn rewards on their credit card.

Another notable feature that this card has to offer is its online account management system. The online system allows you to view the recent purchases you’ve made and track your credit card activity. It also provides you with several payment options. The Bedford Fair Credit Card has a good customer service module as well.

If you find that you get most of your clothes, shoes and accessories from Bedford Fair (or any of its sister brands) then it’s a pretty good idea to sign up for its exclusive Bedford Fair Credit Card.




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