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Review Of The Limited Credit Card


Offered by the famous mall boutiques for women, The Limited Credit Card does not require you to be a high-end shopper to reap the benefits of the card. You are registered as a Classic member upon sign up for The Limited Credit Card, giving you access to a broad range of benefits and rewards. If you want to shop a store credit card, give this card a thought.

The Limited Credit Card Rewards Program

For every dollar you spend with The Limited Credit Card, you earn one reward point that goes to your rewards account and as you continue spending, the points add up. Even better, you get to earn $15 gift coupon on every 300 rewards points you accumulate. This is equal to 5 percent cash back.

Annual Fee And Interest

The Limited Credit Card comes with zero annual fee; however, the interest rate is very high, which is apparently the opportunity cost for the lenient credit score needed for sign up. The interest rate stands at 24.99 percent.

If you want to continue reaping the card’s benefits, you should make monthly payments; else, your card can turn into an expensive tool.

Monthly Benefits

  • When you shop at The Limited stores with The Limited Credit Card, you get to benefit from their free hem service, meaning that if the pants you bought are loose or long to fit you, The Limited with fix them up for you.
  • When it comes to buying books, you can save a maximum of $75 per month with The Limited Credit Card.
  • You would get birthday discount every year in your birthday month.
  • You can avail offers like entry to private events, first look at new arrivals and season previews.

Earning rewards points is comparatively faster with The Limited Credit Card. When you hit the benchmark of $800 in spending, you can avail benefits like free standard shipping from The Limited Store.

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