Review Of The Roaman’s Credit Card


Roaman’s Credit Card

The Roaman’s is a popular plus size online clothing store offering the Roaman’s credit card. The company says you can save up to $300 every ear by using the Roaman’s store credit card, but is this claim really true? Let’s analyze what the card has to offer you.

For every dollar you spend with your Roaman’s credit card at the FULLBEAUTY brands, you earn 2 rewards points. And when the points finally add up to be 400, you earn $10 rewards certificate, which you can redeem at the Roaman’s. The good news is that this credit card comes with zero annual fees.

The company also offers you a birthday coupon; you get to enjoy 20 percent discount on your order and earn double points whenever your place an order with the Roaman’s during your birthday month. Like the offering from most other similar credit cards, you will also get free shipping 4 times a year.

The company has made it easy for you to manage your account. You can check your balance, statements and all other details online. You can also enjoy the buy now, pay later offer from the company.

Applying for the Roaman’s credit card is very easy, yet you need to be at least 18 years of age to be eligible for the card. When you finally apply, you would be required to start out with the Roaman’s Signature card that falls at the lowest end of the step. The signature card will come with a 20 percent discount coupon, a birthday discount offer and some sneak peak fashion preview offerings.

If you spend at least $250 a year on the Roaman’s credit card, you will be promoted to the Advantage, which comes with some additional offerings like 35 percent coupon. And finally, when you charge at least $500 on the card annually, you get the Premier status. Your account will start with 40 percent coupon and you will get a flat rate of $2.99 as shipping offer. Moreover, you will enjoy fabulous Friday saving offers from the company.

So, do you really think that you can save $300 per year with the Roaman’s credit card? Well, you can save some amount, but not $300 or more because the annual APR stands at 24.99 percent, there is no cash back offer and the card’s use is limited. The company has highly exaggerated the offer, but still the rewards are attractive and saving can add up to $100 a year.

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