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Review Of The Talbots Classic Awards Platinum Credit Card


The Talbots Classic Awards Platinum Credit Card

If you have signed up for the Talbots Classic Awards Platinum credit card, you’ll earn rewards based on your membership level. For example, if you are at the “red” level, you will get one half rewards point for every dollar you spend using the card. If you spend $1,000 or more in a year, you will be promoted to the “black” level, which means that it would take you 500 points to earn a $25 Talbots gift card called “dividend.”

With The Talbots Classic Awards Platinum Card you also get the chance to secure birthday bonus events and discounts. Moreover, when you make your first purchase just after signing up for the card, you get to enjoy a discount. The birthday bonus can be as much as 15 percent with 5 percent additional discounts on your shopping at Talbots’ sales galas.

You also get the option to redeem your dividends to get discounts on purchases at Talbots. Remember, you get six months to redeem the dividends, so it is always best to redeem them immediately after earning them. You can also manage your Talbots Classic Awards Platinum credit card account online. You can make payments from your account, control your account and see your rewards points and other details online.

Some cardholders had bad experience with Talbots Classic Awards Platinum, saying that their cards have been shut down because of making many returns. Moreover, the yearly APR is stands very high at 24.99 percent. However, your rewards points can add up really fast if your do shopping at Talbots frequently.

Remember, there is an initial interest period, yet you can easily put off finance charges by managing to make timely payments. The bad news for men is that the Talbots is a women’s clothing retailer, so you may need be abled to accrue rewards points or applying for this card.

If you are not a Talbots Classic Awards Platinum cardholder, but want to have one, you should visit your nearest Talbots store or the Talbots Classic National Bank to know how to apply.

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