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Review of the The Sportsman’s Guide Visa


The Sportsman’s Guide Visa

The Sportsman’s Guide Visa credit card offers you a wide variety of rewards. The card bears no annual fee and you can receive 2.5 percent discount on all goods you buy at The Sportsman’s Guide. This benefit comes in addition to the 10 percent discount on merchandise and five percent discount on purchase of firearm ammunition.

With The Sportsman’s Guide Visa, you can earn one point per dollar you spend with the card outside the catalogs or website of the company. There is no limit on how many reward points you earn. You have the option to redeem your reward points after hitting the threshold of 1,000 points.

When you redeem The Sportsman’s Guide Visa points, you get a $10 rewards certificate, which you can use while shopping more of The Sportsman’s Guide visa goods. Even better, when you sign up and use the card outside The Sportsman’s Guide for the first time, you get 1,000 bonus points. New customers can even bag a coupon of $5 off on shipping and there is no limit on the order.

Like every other credit card, there are some drawbacks associated with The Sportsman’s Guide Visa credit card. The bad news is that this card bears a staggering 24.99 percent APR on shopping, cash advances and balance transfers. Even worse, you would be charged $10 or three percent (whichever is high) of the amount you transfer as balance or get as cash advance. Moreover, you would be charges three percent service charge on foreign transactions.

The takeaway is that The Sportsman’s Guide Visa card comes with attractive benefits; however, the associated fees and charges make it a bad option. You can find better rewards credit cards with lower fees and charges, no foreign transaction fees, lower interest rates and better bonuses. The company has also made huge investment in credit card security, which means that you have less chances of being subjected to card frauds.

The only attractive benefit is that you enjoy some discounts on merchandise purchase. To sum it up, before you settle for The Sportsman’s Guide Visa card, make sure to check all other options.

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